January 13, 2022

Why Zazoo Zehh crooner, Portable, won’t be changing his look — Mayorspeaks, PR specialist

Why Zazoo Zehh crooner, Portable, won’t be changing his look — Mayorspeaks, PR specialist reveals

Mayorspeaks(left) and Portable

It’s not new that when the question about the personal deportment and the outlook of a new upcoming talent comes up, everyone in Nigeria has a detonated opinion whether based on fact or just a thought, waiting to explode.

Some give their opinion about a topic based on moral principles, some on religious beliefs, some cultural values, and others based on their personal judgment but only a few people look at it from a marketing perspective.

The recent buzz around the fast-rising music artiste and Zazoo crooner popularly known as “Portable” was no exception.  

I’ve been following the story of the young act since he broke forth in December 2021 with his hit track titled ‘Zazoo Zehh’ that rocked many parties during the festivities. I couldn’t help but share my professional marketing perspective on the reactions of many Nigerians, specifically about the look of the singer/rapper and why the artiste is the way he is. 

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About 97% of Nigerians believe that he needs to be “brushed up” and given a modest look, his character should be in check. Understandably, because we all want the Nigerian music industry to be a place that will inspire positive role models and ambassadors, promoting the good name of the country which is a good thing. 

However, I think everyone in this social space will be disappointed to find that the Zazoo crooner is not going to change his look anytime soon.

Most of you are under the thick skin of wanting an artiste with an outstanding moral fiber but have forgotten the fact that his brute, stubborn, unkempt, and uncultured looks that everyone thinks is too wild is his signature look, and happens to be the same reason that most people pay attention to him, differentiate him from other artistes.

Losing what gave him access to the stiff music industry might douse his light sooner than he bargained for before he has the chance to reach the prime of his musical journey or even build cult followership.

The shine of the artiste, his type of music is tied to his signature look which is a complete reflection of his lifestyle, his style of cloth, his haircut, and his social behaviour.   

These signature looks or trademarks can be traceable to many Nigerian musicians and even international acts. It goes beyond the style of cloth or distinguished sign that lets you tell apart one artiste from another. It also includes the conduct of the artiste and how he portrays the artistry of his music in his lifestyle just as in the case of Portable.   

It’s a very important tool in the branding of a new budding star such as Portable. I believe that is the strategy that his management team has adopted to keep him in the spotlight of flourishing attention. Artistes who have abandoned or altered their signature look have experienced a serious drop in fans and followers before managing to level up in the industry. 

There are so many music stars in Nigeria who also started from the street just like him; such as Olamide, Zlatan Ibile, Naira Marley the leader of the Marlians, Bella Shmurda, Seyi vibes. Each with a distinctive signature look.

Some of them in the past have been enmeshed with so many controversies since they hit the spotlight. Theses includes uncensored or vulgar words in their musical content. Naira Marley too at some point in his career had to keep up with backlashes from some fans about his Marlian movement that influenced so many social behaviours.

Clearly, Portable is one of such artistes on the same road. His signature look is a reflection of his type of music that brings his fans to easily relate to his content. 

In essence, we can all be rest assured that the hope of seeing a fine boy Portable in the nearest future may not feasible.

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