Controversial actress, Uche Ogbodo, has every reason to be grateful to her maker after she survived a sickness that almost ended her life.

The actress was diagnosed with angioedema in the later part of 2020. But for God’s intervention through the gift of her baby, she would have been gone and forgotten.

Angioedema is a reaction that affects deeper layers of the skin, often around the face and lips. It causes itchy welts that range in size from small spots to large blotches. The pain associated with these swellings varies from mild to agonizing pain, depending on its location and severity.

Recounting her ordeal, while featuring in an Instagram Live session with Legacytvng during the week, the actress said she had already prepared for the worst, leaving her two kids and property in the care of her sister.

According to her, the doctors said her condition could only be managed and the worst case scenario was death and they might not know when death would come. She,however, was advised to stop visiting the hospital, meaning that she should go home and wait for the worst moment.

“They advised me to relocate because I can’t survive here in Nigeria,” she recalled.
Ogbodo said she visited all the hospitals in the south-east and western part of the country to no avail. She also recalled how she couldn’t stop disturbing all her doctor friends to help her.

But the good thing is that, while she was preparing for the worst, she received a miracle that turned everything around for her.

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Narrating further, the actress said “My doctors told me to stop coming to the hospital every two days to take steroid shots that helped me with the swelling and itching from acute urticaria. I almost lost hope. I had started making exit plans by putting my property in my younger sister’s name and my baby Mildred’s name because I believed if I was no more, my sister would care for my baby better. While my ordeal lasted, I couldn’t take my bath throughout the pandemic period in 2020. Worse still, people who didn’t know what I was passing through were tongue-lashing me on social media, calling me all sorts of names. They said I couldn’t take care of my skin, rashes were all over my body, that I had AIDS and all that. They were calling me all sorts of names. But because I don’t allow what people say about me to get at me, they didn’t know what I was passing through.

“I couldn’t sleep due to attacks, my immune system was super weak and my hormones were malfunctioning. I didn’t know what to do anymore, my body started rejecting medication, even the steroids stopped working, so I decided on my own to give up my medication, but I never stopped praying until God showed up for me.

“I was shocked when I got pregnant! Instead of dying, I became pregnant with my bunny, and my life changed; that pregnancy changed my life. It reset my imbalanced hormones, upped my immune system, my blood count became normal, it reset my dead skins and my red and white blood cells started working better.

“It glowed my body and demolished all my attacks. I could now breathe, I no longer had things blocking my airways, I didn’t have problems with my heart anymore.
Ogbodo said the only man that stood by her throughout that dark period of her life was the father of her baby.

“He was there for me, encouraging and giving me hope. Even when I reminded him of the rashes on my body, he told me that he still loved me, that it didn’t mean anything to him.”

The actress, however, revealed that she would definitely marry him even as her baby was bearing her father’s name and that moreover, they had come a long way.

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