January 27, 2022

‘Too Sure to Lose’: UNICAL lecturer tackles betting pandemic with movie

‘Too Sure to Lose’: UNICAL lecturer tackles betting pandemic with movie

Jude Chukwuka

By Emma Uma, CALABAR

‘TOO SURE TO LOSE, a  film that highlights the current social reality where young men focus more effort in betting and virtual gambling in order to get rich quick at the detriment of their  education, is set to hit the screen

The  film, written by Oyong Akam, a lecturer in the Theatre and Media Studies Department, University of Calabar, illustrates how betting and gambling addiction has gripped youths who, in their desperation and greed to  get rich quick, spend most of their resources and time in gambling centres

The narrative revolves round Vincent, a law student,  the son of wealthy Mr. Asuquo an influential politician, who has so much faith in the son and  plans  to make him the youngest Attorney General in the state at the completion of his studies.

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But he ends up frustrated as Vincent turns out to be a failed project.

“That is my son, Vincent, he is a final year law student, and when he finishes his studies I will make him the youngest Attorney General.

“I am the game changer. The politics of this state is in my hands,” Mr Asuquo brags to his friend Obun.

Asuquo is oblivious of the fact that Vincent uses his school fees to bet and gamble without his rich father’s  knowledge.

To keep funding his gambling, he pilfers and sells his belongings to raise money. 

On the day of his final examination, it was discovered that Vincent wasn’t even a registered law student in the university. 

Efforts by his corrupt politician father, populary known as the Game Changer, couldn’t change anything.

The play also depicts the struggles families go through, particularly where the head of the household and, on this case, Mr Udo refuses to be responsible by providing for the family.

He spends his salary on side chicks, drinks and pepper soup and does not pay his children fees and house rent.

On  the cast of “Too Sure to Lose” are prominent Nollywood actors and actresses, including Jude Chukwuka, Eve Esin and others.

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