January 31, 2022

The 3 in 1 surest way to pay bills, buy airtime and sell gift cards

Over time, people continue to struggle with the best ways to sell their cards. They have many complaints about poor customer relationships, slow checkout and transaction processes, and fear of scams.

Another major issue is the ability to use your existing gift card to top up your phone line and pay your bills. In addition to the fear of scams, users often put themselves at a disadvantage. Here are three pitfalls people face when selling gift cards:

  1. Trading with low rates: You will frequently be given small sums of money in exchange for your gift cards. Regrettably, these rewards are usually far lower than the card’s value. As a result, many individuals try to avoid this low rate and ended up falling into scams. Poor rewards should not cause you to become a victim. In this circumstance, knowing where to sell your gift cards is very important
  2. Not being able to locate a suitable replacement: On numerous platforms, gift cards may now be sold online and redeemed for cash. To put it another way, if one hasn’t given you enough money, you might want to look into the other. If they do not satisfy your expectations, you should move on to the next one. You have a number of alternatives at your disposal. Instead of accepting any substandard offer, use these choices to find a platform that will give you a better deal on your gift cards.
  3. The inability to pay bills using gift cards on the same platform: To add to the stress, having to wait for some retailers’ delayed transactions in order to get the funds from your swapped gift cards can be tiring sometimes. In an emergency, you may need to top up your line, pay commercial fees, or top up a friend’s line.

    Many businesses have popped up to combat thefts and frauds, as well as to provide the capability of selling gift cards, making bill payments, and purchasing airtime and data all on one platform.

    Dtunes is one such brand. Dtunes Digitals is a digital assets exchange company that was launched into existence with the aim of providing customers with a smooth and easy way to sell gift cards. Anyone who has traded with the company can attest to the customer-centric services and best rates that Dtunes Digitals offers. 

How do individuals sell gift cards safely nowadays and receive the most money for them?

How would you feel when you discover that an app exhibits human clairvoyance? You will be surprised to discover that Dtunes App was created with you in mind. All the features of the app were carefully incorporated to ensure that every minute of your trading experience counts. 

The app’s main features are as follows

  1. Sell gift cards as soon as possible at the greatest price.
  2. Dtunes App allows you to pay bills in Nigeria with ease
  3. The Dtunes app allows you to top up your phone line as well as purchase data

How to sell gift cards in Nigeria- Get started with Dtunes App

Getting started to sell gift cards in Nigeria with the Dtunes app is super easy. Visit Google Play Store and search “Dtunes.” On seeing the app with our trademarked logo, click install, and you can get started in a few minutes. 

There is a wide assortment of gift cards that you can exchange on the Dtunes App, and the rates are mind-blowing. You can be sure that all transactions and payments will be processed in real-time.