The National Association of Seadogs (Pyrates Confraternity) has condemned the poor human rights records under the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari.

According to the group the recently released report by the Human Rights Watch titled: ‘World Report 2022: Rights Trends in Nigeria’ is embarrassing.

The NAS Capoon, Mr Abiola Owoaje in a press statement titled: Troubling human rights records under President Buhari’ noted that series of abuses ranging from abuses of children’s rights triggered by  terrorism ,  press freedom, constitutionally guaranteed rights, judicial administration suggests that Buhari administration is not truly democratic.

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According to him “The National Association of Seadogs (Pyrates Confraternity) notes with utmost embarrassment the contents of this report. We are disturbed that Nigeria’s human rights record has retrogressed steadily under President Muhammadu Buhari. Respect for the fundamental and unalienable rights of citizens spelt out in Chapter IV of the 1999 Constitution, enshrined in the African Charter on Human and Peoples Rights and contained in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights is an essential ingredient of democracy; anything to the contrary is an aberration which Nigerians must vehemently reject.”

Owoaje while noting that the nexus between observance of human rights and democracy cannot be glossed over stated that placing value on basic rights of citizens is one of the parameters used to measure the progress of a democracy.

“President Buhari cannot claim to be running a democratic country and yet allow on his watch, the gross violations of the rights of Nigerians that we see around us. His administration’s inertia which, in many respects, has encouraged these abuses is undermining democracy,” he said.

 Owoaje therefore implored President Buhari to use the remaining 16 months in the life of his administration to correct the noticeable shortcomings in the areas of human rights abuses.

 “A good starting point is the adoption of the various reports of the Judicial Panels of inquiry on Police brutality and payment of compensation for victims, and the prosecution of indicted security personnel.

“Similarly, PresidentBuhari must go beyond mere rhetoric and tame the rampant insecurity stalkingNigerians across the country. His government should not spare any effort to bring to book all those that have taken up arms against the state and killedinnocent Nigerians.

“President Buhari mustmake it a point of duty to protect the rights of children in Nigeria. Thestaggering number of the 10.5 million out-of-school children should provoke him to rally state governments and take crucial action for the future of this

country.We urge Nigerians especially civil society groups to remain vigilant. We must continue as a people to insist on the respect of our alienable rights and employ all legitimate avenues to resist any form of chains hindering our fundamental qrights.”

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