By Omeiza Ajayi & Ezra Ukanwa, Abuja

A chieftain of the ruling All Progressives Congress APC, Blessing Agbomhere has faulted the choice of a 25-year old as National Youth Leader of the opposition Peoples Democratic Party PDP, saying his emergence on the party’s National Working Committee NWC was not a product of rational thinking.

The PDP had at its national convention in October last year elected 25-year old Muhammed Suleiman as youth leader, but Agbomhere at a news conference Thursday in Abuja described Suleiman as “incompetent, weak and visionless” in championing the cause of the youths.

Agbomhere who is himself an aspirant for the office of the National Youth Leader of the APC ahead of its February 26 national convention also added that the Iyiorcha Ayu PDP leadership does not have what it takes to develop the nation.

“I will tell anybody that the biggest mistake any political party has made in Nigeria is the choice of the youth leader of the PDP. The youth leader of the PDP does not have any vision for the party. He doesn’t care about the standing and workings of youth leadership in this country. The Nigeria young people need someone who is versed in the alchemy of intellectualism, who can stand and speak for the young people and can engage the system. 

“If that boy goes to the PDP National Executive Committee NEC, he will not be able to maintain or canvas a position for the young persons of this country.

“For me, I have street credibility among those that have been in the struggle for youths. So, somebody like me is who is needed to change the status of young people”, he said.

On the issue of zoning, Agbomhere described it as more of moral issue than a constitutional matter.

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“Zoning is a moral thing and it is not constitutional. As we speak, the office of the National Youth Leader of the APC has been in the north. Now, the party has agreed and most positions that have been in the north will now go to the south while the southern positions will now go to the north. 

“As we speak today, you’ve not seen anybody from the south vying for the chairmanship of our party because they have that moral understanding or they have more understanding now. Likewise, the National Youth leadership of our party is now going to the South.

“Whether the party announces its zoning formula today or they announce a day to the convention, for me, it is not an issue. Whatever time they decide to announce their zoning, we are ready to abide by the party’s decision.
 “The truth of the matter is that positions that were in the north are now going to the south and that is where my aspiration is birthed on. I am the most qualified, the most committed and the most faithful member and youth that can lead the party to victory 2023.

“I am 42 years old and again, let me talk about youth, you know, our party has not fixed the year of a young person. And again, when you talk about even youth leadership of any political party, you know, we say youth leader, what it means that you are leading the young persons.”It takes a mature mind, it takes a youthful mind to lead the youth. So while at the one level, we have youth leaders, some of them were even at 18, 20 25. At the state level, we have youth leaders who are 25, 30, 40. As a national leader, I believe that we need a man that is within my age range  to manage all the youth leaders in the country”, he stated.


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