January 7, 2022

Och’Idoma Stool: Senator Moro urges contending parties to sheathe swords

Och’Idoma Stool: Senator Moro urges contending parties to sheathe swords

Senator Moro

By Peter Duru, MAKURDI

The lawmaker representing Benue South District, Senator Abba Moro has appealed to the parties contesting the emergence of Pastor John Elaigwu as the new Och’Idoma to sheathe their swords and observe restraint.

Senator Moro, whose constituents are the Idoma people of the state, cautioned that the continuous denigration of the election process and its eventual outcome would only further diminish the institution of the stool of the Och’Idoma.

It will be recalled that Idoma Area Traditional Council elected Pastor John Elaigwu as the new Och’Idoma and Chairman of the Council after he polled 19 votes out of available 28 to emerge victorious.

However, his victory was rejected by the socio-cultural group of Idoma people, the Ochetoha K’Idoma, led by AVM Toni Adokwu(retrd) which alleged government’s interference.


Senator Moro in his reaction on Thursday in a statement said: “I am aware that some persons are not happy with the process of the election of the successor Och’Idoma V; understandably so.

“Some persons lost the election and one person won. But in the contest of this nature for one position, only one person can and will win.

“The reality on ground is that Dr. John Elaigwu won. While some persons may not be too pleased with the process of the election, the truth is that the exercise was conducted in line with the existing Benue State chieftaincy law 2016.

“Though the law may not completely be in tandem with all aspects of the traditions and culture of the land, it is the law.

“As law-abiding citizens, we must accept and abide by it. We must accept the outcome of the exercise that was conducted in line with its provision.

“I’m also aware that efforts were made to amend the Benue State chieftaincy law 2016 before the sudden hunting expedition of the Och’Idoma IV, and because nature abhores vacuum a successor paramount ruler had to be elected within three months.

“As in all contests, every contestant had the opportunity of identifying and consulting with critical stakeholders and there is nothing strange in the governor being consulted.

“There’s equally nothing strange if the governor, as a human being, chose to identify with any of the contestants.

“After all, he is the governor of the whole of Benue State. We must note that in politics, as in war, fair is foul and foul is fair.

“We must accept that the man that identified the more effective stakeholders and consulted widest won the election.

“Besides, we must accept that Dr. John Elaigwu is, himself, a bonafide son of the land.

“Let us join hands together towards ensuring that the Benue State chieftaincy law 2016 is amended immediately to accommodate all aspects of our traditions and culture to avoid a similar situation in the future.

“The stool and institution of Och’Idoma is revered.”

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