Rivers APC secretariat: Amaechi, Abe supporters clash
Senator Magnus Abe and Transport Minister, Chibuike Amaechi

By Egufe Yafugborhi – Port Harcourt

TOWARDS 2023 elections, Senator Magnus Abe on Tuesday said any aspirant bragging that he doesn’t like money should never give thought to becoming the next President of Nigeria.

Apparently quoting the viral, “I am not corrupt and I don’t like money” declared by Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Ameachi on national television four years ago, Abe at a media parley in Port Harcourt, Rivers state also eulogised Bola Tinubu Ahmed as “eminently qualified” to be next President while he (Abe) is still consulting on his next political intention.

On the President the nation needs come 2023, Abe said, “The most important thing Nigerians need at this time is we don’t want anybody who does not like money to come near the Presidency. We need the leader, at this point, who understands money and knows how to generate money because that is the biggest problem in this country today.

“Anytime somebody comes and say oh, I don’t like money, give me the country to run, you know that person is saying so because he wants to shortchange the rest of us. In saying he doesn’t like money, the person will take all the money and then you, your children will not see anything. We will be hungry and then such a person will now use hunger as an instrument of politics.

“Looking at the field now, Tinubu is the only person who has indicated interest and he is the one person that I know understands money. When others come up we can also talk about them, but I know Asiwaju has never said he doesn’t like money. If he had said that I would have disqualified him ab initio.”

On other qualities of Tinubu, Abe noted, “Ahmed Bola Tinubu is not only qualified to vie for the office of the President constitutionally, he also has a track record performance Whether you like Tinubu or not, you can’t discuss what Lagos state has achieved today without Tinubu. It’s just not possible.

“The most important job of a leader is to pick people because he doesn’t have to do everything by self. If you look at the quality of people that Asiwaju picks, you see he values quality above loyalty.

“One of the reason Africa is where we are today is because leaders prefer loyalty above capacity and competence. Asiwaju is one of the few leaders in African who picks capacity and competence above loyalty and promote excellence in every way.”

Abe, former board member of defunct Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation said he was still consulting on his next political even as majority Rivers stakeholders are of the strong view he would take another short at security APC’s ticket for governorship again.

Abe’s camp of Rivers All Progressives Congress (APC) predominantly have repeatedly vented opposition to an Amaechi’s presidential ambition and huge support for Asiwaju with the State chapter of the 2023 Bola Ahmed Tinubu Support (BATS) group inaugurated last year.

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