Absence doesn’t necessarily make the heart grow fonder

Dear Bunmi,

Whenever I see my husband, I feel like physically hurting him. You see, I currently have venereal disease and he is responsible. He must have picked it up from one of the strings of cheap girls he’s always seen with! 

In the last four weeks, we’d made love fairly regularly. It was during this period that I discovered I was very itchy. I had sores in my private parts, along with a very bad discharge. I went to the clinic in the office and you can imagine how embarrassed I was when the doctor told me I had venereal disease. 

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He gave me some cream for the itch, with antibiotics. He said my husband would have to be treated too, but he has refused to go to the clinic because he knew I’ll accuse him. He even had the nerve to accuse me of playing fast and loose. I feel like killing him! 

Justina, by e-mail.

Dear Justina,

Much as you would like to kill your husband, you would still have to convince him to see his own doctor, not necessarily the one in your office.

However, there are infections you can pick up through other avenues besides sex – like toilets and your surroundings, for instance.

A doctor I discussed your symptoms with said he couldn’t diagnose the trouble with absolute certainty, but that it sounds as if it was thrush.

It is the commonest of female infections of the sex organ. Hundreds of thousands of women develop it every year; and wearing synthetic material has helped a great deal to aggravate it. Men can’t be blamed for every infection a woman has. So, stay away from your husband’s throat! 

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