January 3, 2022

My desire is to win an Oscar – Filmmaker, Chiori Daniel Cole

My desire is to win an Oscar –  Filmmaker, Chiori Daniel Cole

Multi-talented filmmaker, entertainment consultant and serial entrepreneur, Chiori Daniel Cole is one personality to lookout for in the creativity industry having delivered on several musical and film projects.

The Mass Communication graduate from Leadcity University, Ibadan became an household name when he successfully planned and executed one of the biggest events held back to back in Nigeria #OLIC (OLAMIDE LIVE IN CONCERT) and he is props to the success story of Achievas’ first major blockbuster movie Knocking On Heavens Door.

In this interview he gave his overview of the 2021 performance of the creative industry, projects amongst others.

Can we meet you?

My name is Chiori Daniel Cole, better known as Mansacole. I am the 6th child from my lovely Parents Mr. and Mrs. Chiori Cole. I am a dreamer and I always believe everything is possible if you put your mind to it, I have a belief that whatever you set your mind to all you need to do is just start and you will have the ball rolling either to your favor or against you. Also, I am a filmmaker and an entertainment consultant for ACHIEVAS Entertainment Limited, which I happen to be one of the Directors with my brothers.

As a young man I believe in investing on different sector and talents around the world. We own a shipping company popularly known as Ocean Glory commodities Limited, one of the biggest shipping companies in Nigeria today and I represent the company as a Director and DOF (Director of Finance).

Before you dabbled into entertainment, what was the drive to a part of the creative industry?

I have always had love for the entertainment industry, I was once a soccer player hoping to play professionally one day, but it never happened, that didn’t stop me from achieving a dream in entertaining people with my talents. We started the whole entertainment business with my family sometimes in 2007. Achievas Entertainment was registered in 2007 and I wasn’t part of the directors then, I didn’t even have a spot or a role to play or an office to hold. I was more like a young boy who loves entertainment so much I could skip school tests and exams just to be at events happening around Lagos, Ibadan, Osun, Ogun, PH city, Etc I was traveling with our then artist SOLIDSTAR and the same time I was working with 2face indirectly as a videographer, someone’s boy looking after something or whatsoever. But yes the passion for it all was there, I wasn’t being paid a penny all these while, but the experience was all I needed and don’t say I don’t need the money too, but it wasn’t my drive, my drive was to watch and learn and when it’s time for me to excel I will do it perfectly with the help of my super team (ACHIEVAS Entertainment Limited). Entertainment lives in our blood and we want to always entertain you the fans and customers and trust us to give you 100 %. With Achievas entertainment, we are bent on restructuring the entertainment industry and giving value to money.

As a filmmaker, you seem to have slowed down on movie production any reason for that?

We didn’t slow down on movie productions, movie requires creativity and it has to be top notch for us to be able to entertain or pass the message we’re telling with the film in a very creative form and not just shoot film because people are saying you haven’t shot anything and you want to impress them by gathering Nollywood actors, put them all up in a set and then two weeks later you start saying a blockbuster has been produced.

For us we don’t work that way we take time to create, build, understand and deliver a superb story to the world. My dream as a filmmaker is to win the Oscar award with my Nollywood produced film and I know it is possible and we will do it for Nigerians, Africans and other part of the world. We currently have a project (Oldest Bridesmaid) that finished production and its awaiting release date on one of these SVOD platforms. It has also been featured on the NFT market space, which makes it the first Nollywood film to ever be on an NFT market space.

What is your view on the industry performance in 2021?

To be honest it’s a great story to tell your kids on how every Nigerian artists became big in their various categories from the A lists down to D Lists they’ve changed a lot in the music industry just between 2020-2021 and believe me, it’s been a great year for the industry and all we need to do now to keep that pace is to show love to each other amongst ourselves, do more partnerships with Labels, banks, industries and many other to bring our stories to life. The movie industry is still going on one pace to be honest we need help on funding to be able to give quality pictures, quality stories, quality acting etc. it’s been a 90% for music industry and 40% in the movie industry and I believe we can do better. My plan is to take up that roll and get international recognition, partnerships and many others to help save the Nigerian movie industry.

You recently pulled a mammoth crowd for Buju debut concert; how were you able to pull that been his first ever concert in Lagos?

It wasn’t about me, we have a team (ACHIEVAS ENT), Buju is a great guy and his team members are young people who are hungry for success as much as we’re. The crowd came out because we all went out promoting and pushing the concert in the right manners. We had an intention to fill Balmoral Hall up for BUJU’s concert and yes we did it, we made it happen. It wasn’t just us, the team, everyone involved made it possible including the media who showed us supports as always, LASAA, LASPARK, Seyi Tinubu, Peter Cole Chiori, and many others who patronized us. Thank you to Chivas Regal and other sponsors who came through for us in the shortest notice.

What was the attraction to stage a Buju concert?

Buju electrifying talent push me to get him to sign with us so we could produce the best concert in Nigeria and we believed we’ve achieved that with his concert. I told Buju and his team members that the only thing I need from them is to deliver good music to his fans and we will do the rest and yes the rest is history.

What is your projection for 2022?

 We have a lot in store for everyone from movies, music, soccer, boxing and many others. Let’s not say much about this, our actions will play it all out for us