January 21, 2022

Muhammad BinGhatti: Redefining Dubai’s property development scene one neighborhood at a time

Muhammad BinGhatti: Redefining Dubai’s property development scene one neighborhood at a time

Muhammad Hussain Al Jbori popularly known as Muhammad BinGhatti is on a bodacious and enviable journey, revolutionising property development in Dubai with a signature design style through his company, Binghatti, that develops spectacular towers that are instantly recognizable as part of his brand.

The journey dates back to 2014 when he took over the helm of affairs of the family property development business after his college days.

There has been no looking back for Muhammad since he became Binghatti CEO, as he set about transforming it into one of the leading property developers in the UAE by creating a series of stunning architectural towers in Dubai. 

He is not just a CEO giving orders; he’s a qualified architect at the forefront of his business, playing a major role in designing the towers himself, forming part of what sets Muhammad apart from almost all other CEOs in the industry.

You can’t miss the structures which are so dazzling that the buildings are instantly recognisable as his own, and his dream has come to fruition. 

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According to Muhammad, Binghatti has changed how people perceive real estate by introducing the idea of amalgamating art into properties, so it’s not just about the property, it’s about selling a brand like you would in the automotive or fashion sector.

With Muhammad’s leadership, Binghatti has since spread its tentacles to multiple sectors including real estate, food and beverage, hospitality, fast-moving consumer goods, construction and design. It currently boasts of a portfolio of more than 40 projects and exceeding a value of AED3.5 billion (€$843 million).

Muhammad aims to double the property portfolio within two years and hit the AED$6 billion (€$1.5 billion) mark in value.

One way he’ll achieve that is to focus on major development projects right in the heart of Dubai within the vicinity of the city’s downtown.

Becoming a renowned entrepreneur and CEO has been Muhammad’s ambition right from his university days, as he would buy a newspaper every morning and turn straight to the financial section, poring over photos of the well-known CEO’s who were in the news and dream that one day his picture would grace those same pages.

“I truly believed it would happen,” Muhammad reminisced.

He added: “I would go shopping and see famous brands named after their founders and dream that one day people would hear the name BinGhatti and think, ‘Oh yes, those unique towers!’”

“It’s a similar strategy to that used by brands that are renowned worldwide, be it in the fashion, automotive, or horological sectors. When you see a supercar, a designer bag, or a watch on someone’s wrist, you know what it is. It is iconic and evokes the emotions of its beholder, and that is a by-product of solid design and branding.

This is exactly the strategy that we adopted in Binghatti. Our properties are designed to evoke the reactions of almost anyone who passes by them. They are iconic architectural marvels that depict a clear branding strategy. We even like to refer to them as ‘hyper properties’.”

“It places me in a unique position as CEO, as I’m personally involved in conceptualising the identity of all our properties. I don’t spend the marketing budget on billboards across highways, as the buildings themselves are our billboards,” he shares.

“The properties are all conceptually and experientially unique but share a branding DNA, and it is easy to read a strong branding correlation between one tower and another.”

He adds, “Building such towers requires complex construction techniques and a specific calibre of architects, designers and high-performing materials. One of the ideas we’ve been toying with recently is smart properties with integrated artificial intelligence to bring the buildings to life, and thereby interact with humans.

We have continuously been prototyping apartments when users can control things light lighting and air-conditioning systems through voice recognition softwares on their cell phones.”

Muhammad is however adamant that he doesn’t consider Binghatti to be merely a property developer.

“We are a brand; one that brings a complete new philosophy to the real-estate sector and aspires to lead property development worldwide.”

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