January 27, 2022

Kessie laments injury blow

Kessie laments injury blow

Franck Kessie

By Jacob Ajom

Milan midfielder Franck Kessie was distraught as he was forced to abandon the Cote d’Ivoire versus Egypt Africa Cup of Nations due injury.

Kessie tried to play on after an early knock in the Round of 16 fixture, but after going down for a third time in need of treatment, he realised it was simply not possible to continue.

The former Atalanta player seemed to get a nasty knock to the ribs and left hip and was struggling to get his breath back.

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He seemed distraught when admitting to the medical staff that he had to come off just 29 minutes into this huge match.

As he made his way off and spoke to teammates on the bench, he motioned that it hurt every time he twisted, suggesting there was bruising to the ribs and hip on his left side.

Kessie is in the news after reports last night from Sportitalia and Radio Catalunya that he has already agreed terms to join Barcelona as a free agent when his Milan contract expires on June 30.

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