Jamie Koufos is a personal trainer and entrepreneur from Melbourne, Australia. Koufos owns “Jamie K Fitness” – a health and fitness brand. Koufos shares that his brand’s success is built on years of consistent efforts and discipline. Voted “Top 10 Best Personal Trainers”, the young entrepreneur explains that he started small, but he made it big and established his brand with immense self-discipline, passion, and consistency.

In Koufos’ words, “In today’s world, not having a goal or ambition is odd.” We’re living in a world that is full of successful people who seek their life aspirations and achieve their life goals. This encourages us to reflect on our lives and set goals for ourselves.

“But what does it take to get there and turn your aspirations into achievements?”

Jamie Koufos says, “It’s your perseverance and consistency.” Koufos further states that consistency not only helps us achieve goals but also challenges our minds. Consistency helps reset our minds to make adjustments and come out of our comfort zone.

Discipline is another crucial tenet of long-term success, according to Jamie Koufos. “Discipline is all about teaching your mind to follow the rules or a code of conduct. It is the capability to do what is expected of you, regardless of your mood, lack of motivation, or other challenges,” explains Koufos. Discipline typically involves sacrificing short–term pleasure for long–term gain. It involves giving up immediate desires for a better future or outcome.

The young entrepreneur rounds off by saying, “our biggest success is self-discipline;” because it is possibly the most challenging concept to master.

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