January 19, 2022

How to reduce your transport expenses by half in Lagos using Cariska App

How to reduce your transport expenses by half in Lagos using Cariska App

Transport in Lagos, Nigeria’s megacity, is both frustrating and expensive. Traffic jams as all Lagosians can testify is part of a typical day experience and the heavier the traffic jam, the higher the likelihood of the cost of transportation.

To reduce your cost of transport, and also save yourself the stress of waiting endlessly for a bus at a junction, make use of Cariska, a ridesharing app (available on Google Play Store).

Cariska connects passengers with private car owners going their way. It allows car owners to set the amount they want passengers to pay to help share the cost of travel, thereby making it a win-win for both sides.

Benefits of Cariska

Aside from helping car owners and passengers reduce their transport expenses, some other benefits of using the Cariska app include:

No “One Chance”

The app also helps curb the issue of One Chance, a problem common with public transport in Lagos. Cariska verifies the identity of drivers as well as passengers to ensure everyone’s safety.

COVID-19 safety

With the advent of the coronavirus pandemic, transporting with fewer persons in the car is important. Cariska, after evaluating the size of a car limits according the number of passengers such owner would be allowed to onboard. Everyone is also urged to make use of their facemask in compliance with the COVID-19 safety guidelines.

Networking/No boring ride

For working-class people, it is easier to start a conversation with Cariska car owner or co-passenger. This is because there is a higher probability the co-passenger or driver works in the same industry as yours. Thus, an avenue to make increase your network and probably strike a business deal.

Other ways to reduce your expenses and save more in Lagos


For youths in search of a comfortable apartment, the average rent in Lagos is N150,000 per annum. This is without the outrageous commission and agency fees charged by agents without a license.

To reduce your cost of rent, you can get a roommate to share the rent payment. Lagos is a place to gather wealth. It is always a place that offers you different means to spend all the gathered wealth in a blink of an eye. It is your choice to choose, enjoyment now, suffering later; or inconvenience now and then enjoyment later.


To the amazement of most people who visit Lagos, food is not as expensive as they might have imagined. Well, this is only true if you are deliberate about reducing your feeding cost. Feeding at eateries is sure to help you burn your salary as quickly as possible, leaving you to daily stare at your calendar for the next payday. Avoid eating at eateries that could cost you about N2,500 per plate. Check out bukka/mama put. Also, don’t be tempted to be a meat addict. Two pieces of meat with lots of rice is sure to satisfy you more than 4 pieces with a small portion of rice that would make you buy more food to satisfy your hunger.


Talk of a place where there are as many fun centres as there are banks, Lagos should come to mind. There are different places you can visit to have fun such as the beach, clubs and the cinema. Except your salary indeed affords it, avoid too much fun. Every Saturday should not be a beach day. Likewise, every Friday night should not be club time. Once in a month or even two months with a strict budget for such occasions will help you reduce your expenses and have enough to save.


They say the way you dress is the way you are addressed. When it comes to shopping in Lagos, your price is determined by how you dress and your tone of voice. Lagos sellers as many would agree are ready to hike a price as high as 1,000%. Learn to price things. Well, you may want to avoid malls or supermarkets except when in search of some products you are scared of being sold fake in the market. If you are male, it is advisable you put your gender aside when in Lagos market.

This is something some sellers could exploit and they have the notion that big boys don’t haggle price. Something of N1,500 may be presented to you for N4,500. They imagine you would price down to N3,000. Learn to haggle prices. Also, before making a purchase, be sure to check more than 3 places to compare prices.

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