January 23, 2022

How Abiola fell ill during meeting with American delegation, died — Gen Abdulsalami

How Abiola fell ill during meeting with American delegation, died — Gen Abdulsalami

•Gen Abdulsalami Abubakar, retd

By Ibrahim Hassan-Wuyo 

Former Head of State, General Abdulsalami Abubakar(retd), has said that late Moshood Abiola, MKO, winner of the June 12, 1993 presidential election, was not killed but died after falling ill, contrary to the popular story that Abiola took poisoned tea.

Abubakar spoke in an interview with Trust TV, noting that he smiles whenever he hears allegation that “they” killed Abiola.

He was ruler from 1998, when dictator, General Sani Abacha died, to 1999, when he handed over to democratically-elected Olusegun Obasanjo, OBJ.

In the interview, Abubakar said: “Well, I smile because there were lots of allegations here and there that we killed Abiola.

“As always, when I am talking about late Abiola, I still thank God for directing me on things to do when he gave me the leadership of this country.

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“On the day Moshood Abiola passed away, may he rest in peace, two to three things make me always say I thank my God for the guidance He gave me.

“One was I received a delegation from America headed by Pickering, who was then, I think, the Secretary of State or so.

“In his team, I remember very well, was Susan Rice. I remember her very well because of the role she played later.

“So after the normal courtesy and discussion, when they were leaving my office, Pickering said: ‘Your Excellency, we made a request to see Moshood Abiola but we were denied’.

“I asked ‘Why were you denied? Who denied you?’ There and then I made a decision.

“I said ‘Look, you will see Moshood definitely, I overrule whoever said you cannot see him’.

“So I now called my chief security officer, I said ‘Please make arrangement for this team to see Abiola’.

“Now, during the incarceration of Moshood Abiola, except his personal doctor, to my knowledge, no member of his family saw him.

“So when I became Head of State, based on consultation and interaction together with Ambassador Babagana Kingibe, I gave the family a date that they could come and see him.

“So a day before he died, his family came to Abuja to see him. For one reason or the other, the whole family could not see him at the same time.

“So it was agreed that when this group of his family will see him today, tomorrow the next team will see him.

“So they saw him like yesterday. Now, this team from US came to see me and I said they could see him.

“Normally, it was in the evenings the family go and see him. So because I had authorised the American team to see him, so the other part of the family were waiting to see him.

“So, it was at this meeting when the American team was meeting Abiola he fell sick and suddenly the security officers called the medical team to come and attend to him.

“And when they saw the situation they said it was severe and they needed to take him to the medical centre.

‘Abiola is dead’

“So it was the medical team plus the American team that took him to the medical centre, unfortunately at the medical centre he gave up.

“Then my security chief called and said ‘I have bad news for you’. I asked what it was, he said ‘Abiola is dead’.

“I was shocked. He told me he was there with the American team. At that time I was staying in the barracks, I had not moved to the villa.

“So I said okay, let him take the American team to my house. I will meet them at the house; so I closed from the office, and went there.

“The issue now was how do I break the news to Abiola’s family and how do we tell the world Abiola had passed on.

“I must be thankful to God and again to Ambassador Kingibe because we called on him and asked him to bring Abiola’s family.

“So when they came I broke the news. As you would expect, the family broke down and they started crying.

“I can’t remember which of the ladies; I held her, she was crying, sobbing.

“It was then Susan Rice (that is why I always remember her), said: ‘Mr President, that is not your job, let me do it’’.

“So, she now held this lady until she settled down and she calmed down a little bit.

“Then we had to summon my Second-in-Command and other people and then strategised on how to break the news.

“That is why I always say I thank my God for guiding me. If I hadn’t said the American team should go and meet Abiola, certainly I don’t know how I would explain to the world that Abiola had died.

“And the American team; will they believe me that we had not killed Abiola at that time when they were requesting to see him?”

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