Absence doesn’t necessarily make the heart grow fonder

Dear Bunmi, 

Early last year, a close friend sent me a note to her uncle when I needed help in my business. Since then, we’ve become lovers, and he’s an extremely generous man. He now spends most of his spare time with me in a flat I recently bought. 

The chunk of the money came from him, that in spite of two holidays we’ve had abroad. I’ve recently learnt that he gives his wife and four children next to nothing. He made me believe she was a vindictive witch but I’ve learnt this is not so; quite the opposite really as most family members on both sides get along well with her. I feel bad abut what’s happening to her and her children though I love spending his money! 

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Patience, by e-mail. 

Dear Patience, 

The likelihood is that this money-bag of yours will eventually treat you as he’s treating his wife and children. You’re a decent person obviously, or you wouldn’t be having a guilty conscience because you’re spending money you know should go to feed his family. Let him know how you feel about his irresponsible attitude and if he refuses to change, you need to show him the door. You might have his money now, but when he eventually kicks you in the teeth, you would be the one moaning! 

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