Global Wissen Consult, a Swedish/Nigerian Social Development Enterprise, is taking its mission, to ensure all youths are digitally literate and able to leverage the digital space.

 Th organization has concluded plans to  launch a programme and community dedicated to Blockchain,  (The Wissen Blockchain Community). 

The firm, in a statement, said  members will be  educated in the world of blockchain technology that is currently taking over the digital space.

The statement reads:”Since its inception in 2018, Global Wissen Consult, which was established to pass the light of digital literacy to youths through modern ways of learning, has worked hard together with its strategic partners to spread digital literacy to the youths in Nigeria and teach them how to leverage the everso beneficial digital space. This has been done by bringing quality knowledge, updated skill sets and extraordinary opportunities to the students, mostly by collaborating with the universities, but also through other institutions and organizations.

“The Main focus has been on Digital Entrepreneurship and the most in demand and trending Digital skills such as Digital Marketing, Website development and Visual design etc.  Lately, the digital space has been flooded with information on and news about NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) and blockchain technology, it has almost been impossible to miss. And this, just as the digital space itself, is something that is here to stay – and something that can be leveraged when known how to.

“What Global Wissen Consult is saying is that to be digitally literate – knowledge about blockchain and its technology (NFTs, DEFIs etc ) will become crucial. Meaning that it is important to offer this knowledge to the younger generations – specifically for an organization that is aiming to spread digital literacy.

“‘Apart from that, this is also a community for individuals that are extra interested in leveraging on the opportunities that this space creates – a way for them to get a foot in the door and receive the right knowledge and information, at the right time.

“Being a part of this world might seem far away for many and like it is only for a certain type of person, but the truth is anyone can do it, just like anyone can be digitally literate.

“This is why Global Wissen Consult has decided to add this unique opportunity in their portfolio.  The community will give the individuals access to a full program that introduces them to blockchain,  a community of like minded individuals and professionals to receive direct tips from and be guided by.

“They want to do this as a way to introduce blockchain as a legitimate part of the digital space that can be taught and shared in school, as well as a place for all these individuals that are willing and interested to leverage.”

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