By Bashir Bello

KANO – A Fulani Scribe and National Secretary of Fulani Development Association of Nigeria, FULDAN, Professor Umar Labdo has on Sunday lambasted Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue State over his recent comment calling on the Federal Government to also declare Miyetti Allah,Kautal Hore, Miyetti Allah Cattle,Breeders Association of Nigeria,MACBAN, and Fulani Nationality, Movement, FUNAM as terrorists.

The Governor was quoted to have said the FG’s action to label bandits terrorist would have been completed if it also labelled MACBAN and other groups as terrorists.

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In his reaction made available to Vanguard, Prof. Labdo said, “It is the height of hypocrisy on the part of Governor Samuel Ortom to call the Federal Government to declare respectable Fulani organizations like Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore to be declared as terrorist organizations. These Fulani groups are registered with the government and have been known to be peaceful, respectable and law-abiding. How can a man like Ortom, a sponsor of terror groups, organizer of program against entire villages and settlements call others terrorists?

“Governor Ortom set up an armed militias to fight his dirty war against his perceived enemies. The man set up and armed the so-called Security Volunteers and Livestock Guards after the enactment of the anti-Fulani law. These state sponsored terrorists killed many people and confiscated countless number of animals from their lawful owners.

“How can Ortom call for some entities to be declared terrorists when he knows that he himself is a terrorist in government house. A man with the obnoxiously reputation and a deplorable past will come out and call people names? His association with criminal gangs is well-known and well- documented.

“Is Ortom not the bosom friend and sponsor of the terror king pin, Terwase Akwasa, aka Gana, who orchestrated a reign of terror against people all over Benue Stand and beyond? Gana, an allie of Ortom committed unspeakable atrocities against law-abiding citizens of Benue State, using weapons supplied by the Benue government under Ortom. Under the watch of Ortom administration and with its active support, the terror king pin and his gang committed crimes including kidnapping, robberies, assassinations and cattle rusting.

“How can Ortom, a sponsor of terrorism, come round and pretend to be a respectable statesman who is concerned for the welfare of his people?

“Is Ortom not the friend and sponsor of the famous terrorist, Aliyu Tashaku, who recruited armed gangs on behalf of Benue State government?

“This terrorist, Aliyu Tashaku, was on the Federal Government’s wanted list, but Ortom gave him cover and prevented his arrest. How can Ortom of all people point an accusing finger against others?

“Fulani organizations are law-abiding.registered bodies that conduct their business in the open, unlike Ortom government that associates with shadowy people who are involved in human sacrifices, including burying people alive?

“Samuel Ortom should bury his head in shame and wait for the day when he will be stripped of the immunity and arraigned before the court to answer for his crimes,” Prof. Labdo however stated.


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