Earl Osaro to Ngige: We need Nigerian, not regional, president

Pioneer Director-General of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and National Cordinator of Saraki’2023, Earl Osaro Onaiwu, has called out Ngige for advising the party to zone its 2023 Presidential ticket to the South.

“If Senator Chris Ngige has lost faith in his party and fallen out with his party and he needs a space back in PDP, he should speak up than to be advising PDP when he is not a member of the party,” Osaro said in a Monday statement.

“Let me quickly remind Senator Chris Ngige that of the widely talked-about 16-years of PDP, the North did only two years and some months, which was when late President Musa Yaradua was President between mid-2007 and early 2010.

“The rest of the 16 years of PDP in power was done by the South. Hence, it is just and fair, for equity and justice sake, that the PDP rather zones its 2023 Presidential ticket to the North.

“Howbeit, need I tell Senator Chris Ngige who I know is politically frustrated now and his party, APC that is politically frustrating him out of place, that they have no moral standing to comment directly or indirectly on how PDP’s 2023 presidential candidate will emerge.

“It is also pertinent that Ngige deploys all his energy to help his failed party, APC, to curb and rid the South-East of the many security challenges it is facing occasioned by the obvious gap in governance by the APC.

“Mr Ngige should also consider taking up the role of a special adviser to the APC on how to rid Nigeria of the bandits ravaging the North Central and terrorists in the North-East region of the country,” the PDP chieftain further added.

“Nigeria needs a well rounded competent leader, who have excelled in all aspect of life, someone with the political will to heal Nigeria, a unifier who will mend and unify our nation and not a sectional president like what the APC government is currently dishing out now,” Onaiwu noted

In conclusion, Earl Osaro Onaiwu said: “PDP and Nigerians in general are currently in search of a Nigerian President and not a regional President.

“Hence, as far the Presidential candidate is a Nigerian, that is enough for such person to vie for such highest office in the country and it is within the constitutional right of every individual provided you meet the requirements.

“Where a presidential candidate comes from, is not what shall be material to PDP and to Nigerians but the ability of the Presidential candidate to be President of all Nigerians regardless of region or religion or tribe.

“A person with capacity to lead the nation, and not a person who must come from a certain region, shall be the major criterion upon which PDP and Nigerians will choose a President for Nigeria, come 2023, I am so certain, considering the mood of the PDP supporters and members, and the mood of the nation.”

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