Says he is best candidate available

By Damilola Ogunsakin and Ajidahun funmilayo

A civil group, Identify The Right Leader Initiative, identified Vice President Professor Yemi Osinbajo as the next president because of his speeches and actions as Attorney General.

In a press conference organised by the civil group at Ilupeju Recreation Hall, Friday, Mr Abimbola Oyanuri, highlighted their goals and vision and also unveil a book based on the assessment report pieced together by the group with the sole purpose of salvage identifying the right leader

Dr Oyanuri stated that the vision of the group is to identify the right leader according to their tract records and how they’ve impacted the life of the citizen in the capacity they once served. He explained that the first project under the initiative is the “unveiling Osinbajo initiative”.

He said after a thorough research has been done amidst all others, Professor Yemi Osinbanjo came out to be the best among all as a result of his great administration while serving as the Antoney General.

He said “We are aware that to fix the structure that we currently work with, we have to start from the top, and that’s why we have looked at the most important variable that changes everything. We realised that it is from the top because the way Nigeria’s political structure is fixed, power is concentrated at the center”.

“You need someone who understands that for the system to work; you have to disseminate power and this was part of the reason we identified this person because from his speeches, from his actions as attorney General, you realise that he took the Federal Government to court and won all 10 cases and also, you will realise that the speeches he has made, he has talked about state policing, he has talked about disseminating power to the state, so these are some of the reasons that made us settle for this leader, saying that this man can take us to the next level.”

Mr Dayo Akintobi, the DG of the Civil group, clarified that the group is not politically initiated but a civil group and individually sponsored by the members of the group who wants a better Nigeria. He also said, they don’t have the authority to impose on the party to pick their candidate.

“If I was presented with another option during the last election, there is a good possibility that I would have voted for somebody else because I did not appreciate any of the two candidates and many of us probably didn’t but our choices were limited. By the time you get to PVC level, the election is done and dusted already. You don’t have much say because you have very limited choices.”

“So part of what we want to do in reawakening this notion in our people that will be part of the democratic process, is to make people understand that they have to be part of the political process beginning at the party level, you can’t wait till its PVC time, otherwise you have already lost out because a good majority of the time, those presented to you will not first of all, be the right leader that we are recommending, secondly may not be your preference.

“But in terms of the constitutional limitations of the independent candidate and our own ability to governice the candidate we recommend to ultimately become the nominee of the party of the person elected, our brief does not go that far. Our own remit is based on providing intelligence for the electorate, the common man in Nigeria, to take that information and turn it into a useful attribute that will improve his life.

“We don’t have any constitutional order or authority to impose on the party to pick our candidate, we are not even talking to the party about the person we recommended. We are talking to the Nigerian people, we are saying after all said and done, after scrutiny and in depth research; we believe this person is best suited at this time based on our current circumstances to lead this country.

The national coordinator, Mrs Temilade Okesanjo explained that Osinbajo has not declared his interest to contest for the office of the next president and that should be a proof that the group is not politically initiated but a civil group.

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