January 6, 2022

Brigadier’s convoy jumps red light, hits Lagos Dep Gov, Obafemi Hamzat’s car

Brigadier's convoy jumps red light, hits Lagos Dep Gov, Obafemi Hamzat's convoy

By Bose Adelaja

What would have resulted into a fatal accident was reportedly prevented in Lagos State, on Thursday, after the convoy of a Brigadier reportedly jumped red light and hit the convoy of Lagos State Deputy Governor, Dr. Obafemi Hamzat.

The incident reportedly occured at about 6.05pm at Adebayo Kuku Junction, by Alfred Rewane Road.

The Deputy Governor was said to have swiftly restored peace at the scene.

An eyewitness, Madam Ejiro Clement, who alerted Vanguard about the incident, said the Deputy Governor’s convoy was heading for Osborne from Marina when the incident occurred.

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She said: “I witnessed the incident while coming from Lekki Phase 1. Some traffic officials were doing their routine job at the junction when the Deputy Governor’s convoy stopped to obey the traffic light.

“Surprisingly, the convoy of a Brigadier was seen driving recklessly and did not obey the traffic light.

“Funny enough, they blocked the Deputy Governor’s convoy, hit one of his sparrows and damaged it in the process.

“The sparrow rider would have been knocked down save for divine intervention. This led to an altercation and a scene was created.

“The Brigadier’s convoy was ready for a show down, but the Deputy Governor, being a law- abiding citizen, quickly applied wisdom.

“He sued for peace and appealed to his team to leave the scene,” she said.

 Surprised at the Deputy Governor’s action, it was learned that the Army officer alighted from his car to caution his team.

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