By Emmanuel Elebeke & Ezra Ukanwa

The Chairman of Abuja Municipal Area Council, AMAC, has urged all traditional leaders within the council to make their community doors accessible for political parties to carry-out their campaigns

 AMAC’s Chairman, Hon. Abdullahi Candido while addressing pressmen in Abuja, Monday, said that as part of his transitioning programs, the Community heads are enjoined to have their gates opened for all political parties that would come to canvass for votes.

“I have identified some persons as arty representatives. These ones are the INEC recognized candidates for chairmanship, vice-chairmanship elections and you and me know that no man gives power, we only canvass. It is only God that gives power.

 “Anybody can be chairman. That is the transition I am working on. It is an elaborate one. I believe in the sanctity of God that gives whatever man cannot give and these days you don’t underrate anybody. Please don’t underrate anybody and don’t under examine any political party. Don’t write off anybody. The person you’re writing off can at the end of the day be a leader so I as the party representatives to come as part of my transition.

“Allow the doors to your community be open don’t block the gates to your community for any political party that is wishing to come and canvass and go. Coming to talk to you to ask for vote is one thing, listening is another and on the day to election nobody will force you but if I am coming to your community and you stopped me from coming, or you ask some people to go and beat the candidate or the people who are canvassing because you don’t want the party or the person, that should be of the past.

 “That should not be our culture here. We are civilized area council. We should do things differently. If other area council is fighting AMAC should set the pace where you can go to any community and canvass for vote.

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“On Election Day, the people have the right to vote who they want and you know the INEC in FCT is a no-nonsense all party. If they didn’t vote for you this time, you wait for another because there is still tomorrow.  We are simply asking you that what happened, we don’t want it to happen again. We don’t want to sound too hard on any traditional ruler.”

Candido who urged the village heads to embrace peace while toeing towards the direction of peaceful conduct of the electoral exercise from the beginning of the election to the end, however, warned that community leaders found inciting their communities against political parties before or during the election would be adequately dealt with by the Federal Government, FG. .

He said: “As traditional rulers, you are the custodian of your people and culture and heritage. But it is the same place that elections take place because there is no polling unit on the sky. All our polling units are situated in our localities except for those that are within the capital city here.

 “I want to believe 95per cent are all resided or are all domiciled in our community and in this case, in every community, there is a ruler who look after the people and issues there and so we felt as a government were should try to put a stop to that.

“We have a directive from the federal capital territory to place a warning that no traditional ruler should allow his community to a breeding ground for crisis or political crisis. No community should allow his people to be a point or center for political crisis, and the government told us to tell you that they will not take lightly.

“In this case we are reporting directly what they government is requesting that they are interested in a peaceful conduct of electoral exercise from beginning to the end. But in our own case in AMAC we are going further by saying as part of my transition program we will continue to repeat this and even go beyond that. Certainly some people will not understand what we are doing but that is the best way to go about it.”

As one of his transitioning programs, the Chairman urged the Community heads to have their gates opened for all political parties that would come to canvass for votes.

On his part, the head of traditional rulers, Rev. Jetta Samwolo, while commending  the AMAC chairman for ensuring that the communities in the council are developed and making sure that he sensitizes the community heads to accept peace against violence, charged the village heads not to do otherwise. 

“I want to thank the chairman for developing our communities.  Let us go back and become more of an ambassador of peace in our communities. We should not allow violence to be the order of our area council. Some mistakes were made in the past; we should not allow it to be at all. We lead our people in the fear of God.

“We should not discriminate or take side. We need people who will help us to key this leadership in the highest level. We want to count development. We want to count achievements.  What tells the message of a leader is the achievement he has made in his tenor”, he said.

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