Due to the rapid growth of Africa’s most sought after cryptocurrency, Zugacoin, it’s Founder Archbishop Sam Zuga has proffered solutions to safeguard and improve on securities for individual wallets owners.

The cleric who recently became the first professor of digital economy in the world listed steps to be taken to secure Zugacoin away from fraudsters.

According to Sam Zuga all the millions in every Samzuga wallet are withdrawable, spendable and useable. But because the money is very big and will continue growing, a mandatory security for individual wallets has been introduced through the E-PIN.

He explained further, “The Electronic Personal Identification Number (E-PIN) that was introduced to secure Nellabox has been reintroduced in Samzuga wallet. Every ZUGACOIN holder must have E-PIN to enter your wallet to enable you use your wallet for merchants and withdrawal. Some people got ZUGACOIN at a very cheap rate because they got it from people who got it free. But some people got it at a very high cost from people who valued it. If something is not done, this same people will destroy the ZUGACOIN merchant project that is the hope of many people. It will crash on arrival.

Henceforth, if you want to enter your wallet for either withdrawal or to buy something with ZUGACOIN from a merchant, you must have E-PIN. The E-PIN is like your personal electronic padlock for your money. Many people have been complaining of missing money in their wallets which they always feel that the technical team are responsible. Not knowing that their wallets are their private properties that can’t be accessible without their password. E-PIN will serve as a burglary proof for their wallets to increase the security. To activate your E-PIN will require either your National ID, International Passport or any other valid means of identification.”

Shedding more light on how to how to get the E-PIN, the Archbishop also known as Jehovah Field Marshall stated, “To get E-PIN and access your millions anytime any day, you will pay 100,000 Naira into the company’s bank account and send the proof of payment to a WhatsApp number. Those who have the Nellabox E-PIN will pay only 50,000 to validate their E-PIN. After getting your E-PIN, you shall be directed to the nearest Samzuga Family House(office) to fill a physical form and submit the photocopy of your means of identification, your biometric would be captured, someone will follow you to know your house and your neighbours. Remember, ZUGACOIN is no longer in the hands of the poor, the rich people understand the importance of security. When we are through with those who value what they have in their Samzuga wallet, we will create another coin for the poor, by then they might have learnt their lessons.

As far as you have paid in the designated account details for E-PIN, you are a holder. Your proof of payment should be kept securely because, it will be needed from time to time. The people concerned will contact you for further instructions, just wait.

The E-PIN in each country in Africa will be different and the one for other parts of the world will be different. We are beginning with Nigeria where we are warming up to launch Merchants operations.
ZUGACOIN ERC20 withdrawal will continue without stress until E-PIN will be implemented.

By the the second quarter of 2022, we are going to set a refund committee, anyone who couldn’t afford E-PIN will be refunded times 2 of whatever amount they used to get ZUGACOIN from the organization.”

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