Alexa is not only used for the voice assistant function. It has been quite popular among website owners for years because it offers internet tracking services, monitors website traffic, and assesses website users’ behaviors as they navigate from one page to another.

Alexa’s voice assistant tool is not being disabled, we can still use it to make life easier on a day-to-day basis. If you have been relying on Alexa rank metrics, however, then it is unfortunate news to learn that your preferred website ranking platform will be shutting down on May 1st 2022. As a matter of being well prepared, it is only right that Alexa rank users find a website ranking tool that is reliable, trusted, and tested.

Alexa Internet Service

For over 20 years, Alexa internet marketing data tool has been used by numerous internet users and website owners. Alexa internet service offers a wide range of tools that contain detailed insights about the most popular websites. The information available on Alexa internet service can be used diligently to increase the organic search performance of your website.

One of the most popular Alexa internet service tools is the Alexa rank. For years, website owners and internet users have relied on the Alexa rank to view a website’s popularity. This tool has been very valuable for website owners who need insights on their competitors. It is also crucial to see your website’s performance in case you need to make any changes relating to SEO or other useful metrics.

Alexa Internet metrics also has other tools for their users, i.e.:

1.           Site metrics: provides click stream data that calculates variables such as bounce rates, daily time on site, and daily pageviews per visit. Site metrics also calculates a domain’s primary traffic source and the distribution of a website’s audience.

2.           Competitive analysis: calculates a website’s position compared to that of their competitors and gives useful information like:

·    Top referring sites

·    Audience overlap with competitors

·    Top keywords

Alexa also shows you the websites users visited before clicking on your website and the websites they visited after leaving your website.

3.           Social engagement analysis: this tool is very useful with high-level social data areas such as:

·    Top social topics: top topics based on engagement and traffic.

·    Social engagement: total articles and their average engagement across all websites.

·    Popular articles: top articles are based on total engagement.

4.           Keyword opportunities: keyword data elements on Alexa include keyword gaps, buyer keywords, easy-to-rank keywords, and optimization opportunities.

5.           Traffic Statistics: traffic statistics are based on Alexa ranking. They can be used to rank internet engagement and traffic.

Alexa has helped numerous businesses meet their objectives without a lot of hassle for decades. As of May 2022, however, numerous businesses will have to find alternatives. With that in mind, here are a few analysis platforms that you can work with:

Alternatives to Alexa

1.           SimilarWeb: an analysis platform that provides the most trusted, comprehensive, and detailed view of the digital world. SimilarWeb gives its users critical data that they can use to outperform their competition and win their markets. As you work to identify the most popular websites, SimilarWeb gives you all the website ranking information you need.

2.           Authoritas: an SEO software that helps its users to build a continuous process of improvement in order to increase revenue and transform their organic search performance. This software helps its users with competitive analysis, keyword ranking, backlink analysis, content strategy, crawling, and forecasting.

3.           Ahrefs: an all-in-one SEO toolset that helps its users to track their ranking progress, analyze their competitors, optimize their website, and explore keywords.

4.           SEMrush: a platform that helps its users grow their online visibility on all key channels.

5.           Comscore: provides transformative data across digital, linear TV and over-the-top and theatrical viewership. A reliable metric of cross-platform audiences.

Although there are numerous alternatives for Alexa, it is only right that anyone who is transitioning to another analysis platform uses only the most trusted and best alternative available today. SimilarWeb is by far the most trusted intelligence platform out there. The metrics used on SimilarWeb provide competitive insights on website ranking to help marketers who need an upper hand over their competitors. SimilarWeb is a great alternative for Alexa because of the tools it offers and the data available from audiences all over the world.

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