While a lot of people have great ideas, most are unsure of how to bring those ideas to life. According to Ahmad J. Azmi, the execution of a concept is much more important and complex than conceptualizing the idea in the first place. Entrepreneurs build businesses on passion, but these organizations need to be run effectively to succeed.

To succeed in entrepreneurship, a business owner must base each of his ventures on a specific niche, something that Ahmad J. Azmi has capitalized on with laser precision. A military veteran and versatile businessman, Ahmad owns several well-known franchises, invests in the welfare of distressed communities, and owns a very successful IT consulting and staffing company. To set this tech company apart in a saturated market, he targeted it as a job placement hub for veterans. Knowing firsthand how difficult it can be to transition back to civilian life, he saw an untapped market for helping service members find work.

The idea had an enormous return on investment, and Ahmad J. Azmi wanted to expand the concept to other areas. At the same time, he has continued to assist veterans in finding food, housing, and even health benefits. Azmi knew he had to do something when he saw the injured and the homeless in Silicon Valley. But the question was how he could help them.

This question can also be traced back to Azmi’s biggest challenge in starting his lucrative businesses. Deeming that first step a challenge in itself, Ahmad J. Azmi calls execution the key to success. Even if a plan is not complete, waiting too long to put it to work can result in you falling behind and eventually not achieving anything at all. To avoid this, simply act on the things you believe in, and the rest will shape itself as you take action. Per Ahmad, a “Mamba Mentality” is very helpful in this case, as it can help one to stay focused and achieve the task on their to-do list at all costs.

Ahmad J. Azmi had not only a great idea but also the motivation and desire to act on it. “When you have an idea you believe in, how the task would be achieved doesn’t matter. The important thing is simply getting started before you lose interest,” he concluded.

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