January 9, 2022

18-year BLACKOUT: Between Benin Disco and Enuani communities in Delta [Opinion]

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By Emmanuel Nwagboniwe

After close to 20 years, it seems the veil of inaction and docility has finally been removed from the eyes of the Enuani communities of Delta State and their elected representatives over the continued blackout in the area all these agonising years.

Commendably, there is new consciousness among the affected Enuani communities to cry louder, that 18years of total blackout is neglect and injustice taken too far by relevant government agencies, both at state and federal levels.

We particularly commend the Enuani Project Group (EPG) and our proactive House of Representatives Minority Leader, Hon Ndudi Elumelu, for presenting the plight of Enuani people on the floor of the National Assembly.

Recall that Enuani communities comprising Olodu, Olloh, Ewulu, lsheagu, Umute, Abah Unor, Ukwu Oba, Adonte, among others in Aniocha South Council of Delta State, have been without electricity for 18years now due to the dilapidated 33KVA transmission line at the Ogwashi -Uku -Kwale Highway.

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Even recent concerted efforts made by the affected communities to get reconnected to the national grid still met a brick wall, no thanks to the ‘see nothing’ and ‘do nothing’ posture of the Benin Distribution Company (Benin Disco)and the National Integrated Power Project (NIPP)

Let’s fast forward these long years Enuani communities have been without electricity to the emergence of Benin Disco as the power distribution company in Delta State, then you see why we may have returned to square one or a Catch 22 situation.

Feelers one gets from most electricity consumers under the jurisdiction of the Benin Disco are tales of woes, high-handedness and mindless impunity on the part of the company.

Many others also still believe that Benin Disco is a firm most despised, criticised and dreaded by its consumers.

 Given this worrisome narrative about the indifference often exhibited by Benin Disco, we then ask: will the almighty Benin Disco ever act on the House of Representatives’ recent order to the firm, to restore electricity to Enuani communities, or will it dismiss the directive as one of such empty threats from an ever busy body House?

Still, we wonder if the House will ever wield the big stick on the power distribution company if it fails to do the needful? Or will our lawmakers just sigh and recoil to their shells, while the Enuani communities lick their wounds of neglect? Only time will tell!!

Nwagboniwe, a media practitioner, lives in Lagos

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