December 25, 2021

Young Nigerians emerge winners at Face of Images Housemates Reality TV Show

Young Nigerians emerge winners at Face of Images Housemates Reality TV Show

By Moses Nosike

In their passion to help young Nigerians develop their career in life and at the same time tackle unemployment among youths, the organisers of Face of Images Housemates Reality TV Show Season 5 has presented to the public, Aloysius Joan Omoyeh as the winner, Salaudeen Mubiranking as the First Runner-Up and Henry Wisdom Omosigho as Second Runner-Up.

Narrating her experience as a winner during the competition, Omoyeh said, “I saw the advert on a social media while I was looking for something else that relates to Big Brother Africa when I discovered this one as a platform that could collate young talented youths and give them new style of being brand ambassadors. So I decided to give it a trial believing it’s something that could benefit me as a make-up artist and also a model. And for that reason I want the world to see me and I figure this platform as the best”.

Omoyeh who told the media that this is her first time to participate in Reality TV Show said that she lacks words to express her feeling as the winner of the Face of Images Housemates Reality TV Show Season 5.

“This is one of the best feelings ever in my life and it gives me a sense of achievement. Though it was not easy but you need to always be focused on what you want, be determined and make sure you are hardworking, and with confidence, even if you are not doing it right because of your confidence, people will be amazed and would want to listen to you and give you a chance to try”.

On what she learnt during the programme, she said, “I have learnt to control my emotions, how to project confidence, and to be focused. She is a make-up artist and a model; a graduate of Bio-Chemistry from Lagos State University, and she intends to have her own make-up line to become national and international brand where she can inculcate Bio-Chemistry with the make-up world.

“As a winner, I intend giving back to my society. I intend having my own talk show where I will be inviting dignitaries and they will be talking about current happenings in the country, and how we can go about it. On this note I say a big thank you to the organisers for this opportunity, and for the younger ones, you don’t need to be promiscuous for you to get what you want in life.

In addition, First Runner-Up, Salaudeen Mubiranking said, “though we were 31 housemates, I was able to come out as the first runner-up. It was fun but not easy in the sense that you left your comfort zone to another environment that is not your comfort zone because you want to get something that could help your future.

Again, meeting different people from different backgrounds that is another experience of its own. In all, the experience I gained in the competition will help me go far in my music career because I learnt a lot in the house. One of the things I learnt in the house was that before now I feel shy to face camera, but now I can face camera and talk boldly and confidently. It has shaped my life and it made me understand people and learnt to be open and work with people”.

I’m into property business, farming and I do music.

I’m a graduate of Olabisi Olabanjo University. I love listening to music so that I can create my own music. Music makes me happy. It’s my passion and everything.

I want to thank the organiser of this programme for their efforts in bringing the younger ones to a limelight, creating a platform for them develop their talent. There is a saying that when you raise people, you will go far in life. Based on this philosophy, I have signed three of my housemates to give them a deal from my sister who owns a skincare outfit”.

In the same vein, Second Runner-Up, Henry Wisdom Omosoye a.k.a Wiz Milli is from Delta State, a student of the University of Port Harcourt studying Mathematics and Statistics. Henry is an actor and an entrepreneur.

According to him, I registered the season four of this Reality TV Show but I didn’t qualify then, so when the season five came out, I applied for it and was qualified. I really wanted to experience something new, so I decided to put more effort on this season five and I qualified for it.

Before coming to the house, I had already knew that I was coming to meet people from different background, different mentality and I made up my mind to relate with anyone no matter their character and behaviour knowing that we didn’t grow up together. What I have learnt so far so good is discipline.

Discipline is everything, in terms of time keeping and all that. Delivering within the time given to you and working with what you have. However, my acting skill was shaped and is better now. I have garnered confidence in acting. I hope to get more audition for acting and I need money to continue my education and business. Henry is a level 300 student.

On how he can combine business and acting, Henry said that acting will not disrupt his business. He further said that this show is a stepping stone for me and I would advise my friends out there to link up with shows like this if it is their passion because opportunity could come from anywhere.