…recalls she starved, couldn’t pay fees at IMT, UNN

…asks Nigerians to stop pursuing money and reconnect to God

By Levinus Nwabughiogu-Abuja

Deputy Chief Whip of the House of Representatives, Hon. Nkiruka Onyejocha has said that her past life of abject poverty and penury compelled her to setting up a scholarship scheme for indigent students.

Onyejocha said that while in Institute of Management Technology, IMT, Enugu as a student, she couldn’t afford paltry N375 needed to continue her education at the time.

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According to her, she was forced by the ugly circumstances to leave IMT and later got another admission into University of Nigeria, UNN, Nusukka where she also schooled without paying fees.

Testifying at “A Night of Pure Praise”, an annual thanksgiving ceremony she organised in her home country to show gratitude to God on Tuesday, the member who represents Isikwuato/Umunneochi federal constituency of Abia State recalled that feeding then was a piece of luxury for her.

Now a lawyer, doctorate degree holder and three time member of the National Assembly, Onyejocha said that she couldn’t have possibly reached the heights without God’s grace.

She therefore asked her constituents in particular and Nigerians in general to rededicate their themselves to God for use in the new year. 

Noting that she survived many attacks in the outgoing year, 2021, Onyejocha said it was then necessary to celebrate God with some notable gospel artistes such as Frank Edwards, Moses Bliss amongst others.

The programme marked the climax of a series of humanitarian services, town hall meetings and thank you visits the lawmaker paid to his constituents within the Christmas period.

She said: “There are sometimes you don’t know how to thank God, you don’t even know how to cry. There are times tears will just disappear, you are at the lowest ebb of your life. And this year was one of those years. I have come to realize that satan tried but he failed. I know that many people prayed and are praying for me. I too, am praying for many people. I raise altar everyday of my life for people who are supporting me, people I know and those that I don’t know. 

“I said to myself, you could have been dead or worse. I know what I passed through and I know the people who know the arrows they fired. They were shocked. And the only way to say thank you is to bring somebody like Frank Edwards to say thank you God; bring somebody like Moses Bliss, our lord Bishop here, my supporters to say thank you God. 

“We have God the father and so we thank you everyone. The devil could always wait especially when they think they know your time table but God disappointed them. We passed through many attacks, accidents, this year I lost someone who was very dear to me, somebody who gave me a gift that I can never even dispose. I had to go to Lagos to look for that particular sweater, my brother, somebody I grew up with my grandmother. 

“If anybody heard my story and still belongs to the devil, the person is devil incarnate. For anybody to go through what I go through; I went to school I didn’t pay school fees but I graduated. I paid school fees after I got married and started working. It can only take God to do that. I slept in a mechanic workshop because I refuse to enter lift. I was very pretty. I couldn’t enter lift because my grandmother said don’t do that because they could kill you there. I saw vehicles but I refused to enter because I did not want to defile myself and so on. 

“The testimony tonight is that after all I have been through, like Don Moen said, I still have joy. It’s difficult to have joy after all someone has been through. These days parents betray their children, wives betray their husbands, husbands kill their wives. Daughters, sons betray their parents. These days, brothers betray their brothers. Even though Cain and Abel had that experience but now it’s worst. 

“In this time, what I’m telling you is that heaven is real, God is real. I have tested God. What I care is what Jesus says about me and what I know about myself and I know my redeemer liveth and I say there’s no way else to present the people of Isikwuato/Umunneochi federal constituency apart from rededicating them to God. There is no way out apart from receiving Jesus as your Lord and personal saviour. The best thing to do is to rededicate our lives and praise God unconditionally. 

“Of course, I left IMT, Enugu because I didn’t have N375 to continue there and so, I found myself at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. Of course, I couldn’t pay school fees. So, once I could raise my hostel fees and have money to do 001 or 010 )feeding system), I am good. And it was after leaving school, youth service that I could go back to get my certificate and pay my school fees. And so, when I got married and God blessed us, I said I said to myself, we are going to have a scholarship scheme for indigent students because I know that some people could be passing through what I passed through. And so, we dedicated 28th of December since that particular year, about twenty something years ago even before I had my first child to praise Gid. I ventured into politics by accident by by divine grace. And so, I am here and we have continued to celebrate the day and sing praises to God. 

“I am also waiting for promotion. I don’t know what promotion it is but I have said God, please, promote me in 2022. So, everyone that has come here, please, cling unto Christ. Hold God. There are things money cannot buy. Stop pursuing money as if money is your life. Stop pursuing things of the world as if it your life. Reconnect to God. Stay where you are. Money will come. Christ is the King of Kings. Christ is the owner of the whole universe. And the king’s heart is in the Hand of the Lord. He will turn it to whosoever He wants. That your poor today doesn’t mean you will be poor tomorrow. 

“God will continue to supply all your needs according to his riches in glory. For those who have refused to let us go, we must jump and pass in Jesus name. I believe that with God all things are possible. The things we could not achieve in 2021, God will make us to achieve it in billion folds until we say we do not want any more. Thank you everyone for being there for me and I will still be there for you.”

In his brief message, Reverend Sunday Obioma Eze, Bishop of Ava East Diocese who eulogized Onyejeocha’s virtues, describing her as a woman of God.

Reading from the book of Luke 2:10, the clergy noted that Christmas celebration signifed good news of great joy to mankind.

Speaking on the heels of the assurances heralded by the birth of Jesus Christ who “is the Prince of Peace”, Reverend Eze enjoined Nigerians to cast their burdens to God.

He however bemoaned the ravaging socioeconomic and security challenges, observing that many people who ought to travel to celebrate with their families and loved ones could not do so. 

He said that despite the darkness which overshadowed the earth, God created light, stressing that “darkness cannot comprehend the light of the world which is Jesus.”

Reverend Eze also urged Nigerians to embrace the gifts of salvation and hope which Christ offered to mankind.

The event attracted many political leaders within and around the constituency.

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