December 9, 2021

Shadow of Ancestors highlights need to invest in young people — Mbamali

Shadow of Ancestors

Standing right to left: Onyechi Mbamali the writer of the stage play ‘shadows of the Ancestors’ the Director of the play Makinde Adeniran FTA and the cast and crew.


By Ebunoluwa Sessou

The need to invest in people has been highlighted in the ongoing stage play premier, Shadows of the Ancestors.

The writer, Onyechi Mbamali, lamented that the country is in shackles due to failure on the part of the Nigerian leaders to invest and build people that would bring about development and growth.

Our inability to invest in people is tantamount to destroying our future. If we do not invest in young people, it means, we do not have a future in the country.

“Today, everybody is leaving the country for a greener pasture and that is not what and how it should be. We need to build people and it is shame that after the colonial experience, we were better than where we are today.

“Our countries in Africa are becoming cemeteries where people are brought home to be buried.  Those who die are brought to be buried here while those who are alive run out of the country and that should not be.

“We want to begin to look at our identity and change the narrative. It starts from the top.

Things can be better if we invest in people. We can have the best hospital, education among others. We must begin to understand that our problem in Nigeria is self-inflicted.  We cannot get the right people into office     

“The message is that we are not celebrating our human resource rather, we are wasting it. We think our wealth is the mineral resources”, he said.

Speaking further on the message of the movie, Mbamali stated that the play talks about how to involve our youths in critical thinking. The youths need to be helped. And if there is going to be a positive change, they need to consult the right people.  Youths need to learn to seek counsel, they will be smarter.  

The Director, Makinde Adeniran, said, “It is a stage play that is reflecting on all the problems we have in the nation. It is a frictional play but tells about the contemporary story, issues that we have in Nigeria.

“The message is for everyone because Nigeria as it has its own issues which are interconnected. There is the issue of END SARS, insecurity among others.

“The play also depicts that there is a way for resolution. Until we have come to a resolution, we may not move forward.

Adesua Onyenokwe, broadcaster, said, the play carries weight because of the spectacle of the drama. The message is for both young and old. You must respect what tradition holds. If we do not do that, there will be chaos. 

Patricia Opene-Odili, said, “The stage play depicts what is lacking in the country today and the fact that people do not respect traditions. Understanding the tradition helps us to progress.

Assistant Director, Adebunmi Adewale, “It is basically a reflection of our society. It is a stage play that depicts the place of reconciliation between the elders and the youths. There is a way everyone can come to a dialogue on how to move forward. How we can find solutions to our problems regardless of what the problem is.

“The play is directed to every Nigerian regardless of age.  There is nobody that has the solution to all the problems whether young or old but we all need to journey together for the betterment of all Nigerians” she said.

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