December 11, 2021

Ndigbo better off staying in Nigeria, but… — Gov Uzodimma


By Agbonkhese Oboh

Governor Hope Uzodimma of Imo State has said Ndigbo is better off staying as part of the Nigerian state, noting that bemoaning the marginalisation of Ndigbo in the Nigerian project was trite, while what is cogent is to address a rational and realistic way out of it.

According to Governor Uzodimma, the Igbo led in many fields before the Civil War, executed scientific innovations during the war, and rose from nothing and the “Twenty pounds” policy to dominate many sectors since after the civil war.

Uzodimma said: “These are the spirits we are known for which always lead to excellence, not the spirit of timidity, self-defeat and crave for easy money, which appears to have possessed our young Igbo men of this generation.”

The governor said this at the presentation of his book, “Reflection on the Igbo Question” in Owerri, today, Saturday. Read the full speech HERE.

In his words, “Truth be told, we are dominating in commerce and trade in Nigeria. But we can do far better than that as a people, if we put our thinking caps on.

“In the real estate business in all the major cities of Nigeria, the Igbos are leading.

“Most standard provision stores in any remote part of Nigeria is likely to be owned and operated by an Igbo man or woman.

“The second most populous ethnic group in any city in Nigeria outside the indigenes of the city are Igbos.

“How then do we harness these huge potentials to our advantage? The answer is simple: Read the book, REFLECTIONS ON THE IGBO QUESTION.

“From available statistics, Igbo students across the globe and even in Nigeria are making waves with their technological innovations.

“The individual accomplishments can only make meaningful impact if they are collectively harnessed and channelled to a massive production hub to set the stage for the technological leap Nigeria has been yearning for all these years.

“Igbos can lead the way and dictate the pace.

“We also have a huge landmass to conquer, dominate and exploit. We have boundless markets to tap into.

“We have unassailable ingenuity and opportunities presented to us to explore to emerge leaders again in this land of Nigeria that we are equal owners.”

Vanguard News Nigeria