December 4, 2021

KAYAMATA: Facts, myths in the world of sex stimulants




Most common of these aphrodisiacs in the North is the Kayamata or Kayanmata, believed to be entrenched in cultural practices spanning over 500 years. Kayanmata literally means, the property of a woman or things of women.

It means, the things women take to their husband’s house, or use in their husband’s house to maintain themselves. The use of Kayamata by women in this part is perhaps most necessary because of traditional and religious disposition towards polygamy.

For instance, a man with four wives and perhaps a couple of concubines on the side, needs a little over the average sexual appetite and stamina to deal with the issues involved.

Similarly, because of the stiff competition between the women, they are taught the importance of keeping their men happy in bed with the use of these herbal concoctions to perpetually keep them in the mood for sex. It will not work in any woman’s favour if she turns her husband down when he has to warm her  bed.  

Thus, simply put, Kayamata has become the name of several herbs and concoctions targeted at enhancing the responsiveness of women to their men, to make them more pliable for sexual activities.

Kayanmata comes in various forms, such as perfumes, make-up, lubricants, insertions, powers and spices. Some are even consumed as whole meals or taken in oral forms like medicinal drinks.

The objective here is to enhance sexual experience of the partners. Along with the Kaya Mata is a sex ritual performed for young women and according to sources, especially for very young girls who don’t know anything about sex before being married off. I mean, child brides.

The herbs are either taken raw, with beverages or cooked as a whole meal to be eaten alone by the bride. The most popular of these is the one cooked with chicken. After the meal, the bones are buried and the bride is sent to her husband. The ritual is to help the young bride perform her sexual duty without resistance or pain, as she will constantly be in a state of sexual arousal, ready for her husband.

There are other varieties like the sweet, the groundnuts and even chewing sticks.  Interestingly, just as Kayamata is associated with the Northern part of Nigeria, so is Adodun to South West Yoruba society or the famous Fattening Rooms of Eastern Nigeria, all geared towards the same objective, to prepare women to please their men.

In recent times however, Kayamata has become so popular such that it’s users extend beyond Nigeria’s shores, and is a multimillion Dollar industry. This sharp spike in fame and patronage cannot but be credited to the entrance of young entrepreneurs such as Mrs Hauwa Hamed also known as Jaruma Empire and Mrs. Deborah Erioluwa Ajayi, known as Omoshola’s Place, Oji Oghenetejiri of Tejigold and Ademola Olonilua amongst others who have modernised and repackaged a trade once shrouded in secrecy and mystery.

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The internet and social media platforms have not only caused increased visibility for these products, the fact that clients do attest to using them and also confirm their efficacy for public viewing, gives authenticity to the powers these aphrodisiacs are said to possess. Added to this is the introduction of a spiritual twist to what Kayamata is or is capable of evoking.

For instance, Kayamata as now being advertised, has the power to bewitch a partner such that he will have no interest in any other woman forever. It has the powers to make a man give its user anything demanded from him.

Thus, it is believed that when a woman applies certain types of Kayamata they can change her fortune. These claims of spiritual powers unfortunately are the major reason some others condemn the use of Kayamata, describing it as witchcraft and demonic practices.

Does Kayamata possess spiritual powers?

Kayamata on its own does not possess spiritual powers. They are simply herbs, roots and leaves given to man by mother nature which men have over the decades discovered their secrets and applied for some benefits.

The fact that most of them are in their raw forms does not make them unholy or demonic. Interestingly, it is these claims by Kayamata vendors of the fetish powers they have invoked into these products that is responsible for their popularity among the women folk.

While we cannot rule out the fact that there are spiritual forces which can be manipulated by those who have knowledge of them, the guarantee that these products possess such powers remains largely unverified. Social Media world as we know it, is a world of make-believe and should be approached with some caution.

The recent drama between popular Kayamata Vendor, Jaruma Empire and Nollywood actress, Regina Daniels is a confirmation of this fact. There are other instances where a number of these aphrodisiacs vendors have been called out on social media for scamming and hoodwinking unsuspecting, gullible costumers, to milk them of their hard earned money.

Why the rush for Kayamata?

Let me go down to the basics here. There is no changing the fact that every woman wants a nest of her own where she can reign supreme. It is also a fact that good men are scarce to find. So, if a woman finds one, she may want to keep him to herself by all means.

Secondly, the veil has finally been lifted off sex, sexuality and related matters in Nigeria. Most people are no longer playing hypocrites, they want to enjoy their sexual experiences as much as possible.

Again, the competition is stiff out there, with many women, young and old, ready for the asking. The older ones don’t want to leave the market scene while the younger ones are ready to wrestle the men from their grips. The terrible economy is another driving force as everyone wants to ‘make it’ as they say in local parlance. If Kayamata can indeed assist a woman to ‘catch’ a ‘big man’, tie him down to her bed and make him forget his wife and family, or simply make him do her bidding which is mostly material gifts; perhaps no price is too much to pay. And as they say, if you do not buy a lie, you may never get to buy the truth. 

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