The urgent need for unbiased and transparent financial institutions has given birth to many firms that claim to be small business friendly. Unlike traditional banks, which make it almost impossible to get a loan for a new venture, JDM Capital Solutions is successful in providing answers for clients who are looking for start-up capital for their own entrepreneurial aspirations.

Jake DeMichele is a financial expert and founder of JDM Capital Solutions. He has mentored and helped numerous people stabilize their financial standings by creating customized programs. These programs, by leveraging the same strategies that grew JDM Capital Solutions to what it is today, enable clients to self fund their businesses and create opportunities for new streams of income.

Jake was always resilient and showed compassion in his work. Jake earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology and philosophy from the University of Albany.  He started his work as a psychosocial rehabilitation counselor in the Las Vegas area in 2017. He noticed the immense need for financial literacy in his own personal life and in the lives of his clients. When Jake acquired further training, his abilities and his strength in communication allowed him to connect with others in the industry very quickly, and he was able to make a significant impact right away.

JDM Capital Solutions aims to bridge the gap between privileged and unprivileged people in terms of financial education. Today we face the acute problem of lack of accessibility to financial services. People with poor financial literacy not only have difficulty getting approved for car loans, for example, but lack opportunities to start or expand business ventures.

JDM Capital Solutions believes in complete transparency and accountability. Its team of professionals helps individuals and small businesses in every way possible. The intention is to provide maximum support by creating individually tailored solutions, no matter what the client’s current financial situation may be.

Fast forward to 2021 and JDM Capital Solutions is globally recognized as a leader in the financial solutions industry. Jake has reached millions of people to date through his social media platforms and currently services over 1,000 clients.

When we asked Jake about his company’s primary goal, Jake replied, “We believe in financial education and literacy which starts with empowering people through credit. Understanding the credit system and learning how to leverage it can make the difference in becoming a successful entrepreneur, or provide the spark someone needs to take that leap of faith and take action on their business dreams.”

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