The special envoy on diplomacy & good governance of the International Peace Commission of the United Nations, who doubles as the Global Vice Chairman, Advocacy for Good Governance Network Amb. Hussaini Coomassie has called out some religious and traditional rulers for being the problem of Nigeria.

Coomassie made this known while delivering a keynote speech at the 2021 National Peace Summit in Abuja titled “Peace, Unity & Security Panacea To Achieving A Sustainable & Peaceful Coexistence Among Ethno– Religious/cultural Groups In Nigeria.”

Speaking with journalists, he explained that Nigeria’s major problems are selfish religious and traditional leaders who aligned themselves with politics, thereby siding one political party while undermining the efforts of the security agencies to maintain everlasting peace in the country.

He also added that some youths are not helping matters as they are not ready to take up the mantle of leadership through hard work, but always looking for the impossible short cuts.

He stated that 90 per cent of protests in Nigeria in the recent past were sponsored and politically motivated with no genuine intent, especially the anti Yaradua protests, BBOG, Anti Jonathan Protest, #REVOLUTIONNOW, #ENDSARS among others.

“It was organised by some aggrieved persons just to create havoc and make the country ungovernable. All these nonsense should stop and let’s all embrace peace, love for one another and above all, love for our country Nigeria with fear of God.

“The global pandemic alone is enough to humble us, but we turned deaf ears.
In Africa, we have our simple ways of maintaining peace, through religious and traditional leaders, but some selfish leaders have bastardised the system. Until we go back to the drawing board and give peace a chance, we are going no where.

“It’s glaring some of our traditional and religious leaders are our problems. The Igbo leaders pleading for the unconditional release of Nnamdi Kanu should have first condemned his utterances and apologise unconditionally to the families of those killed by his unguided utterances via IPOB, including the security personnel, then we will believe they are serious. There’s hypocrisy is their mission.

“Igbo leaders should embark on a peace move to align with every part of Nigeria, because their investments outside Igboland are more than what they have at home. In the North alone, the igbos have over N44trillon worth of investments talk more of the of South- West and South South with Lagos and Portharcourt as case study. So you see every parts of Nigeria is important, we all need one another,” he concluded.

Ambassador Coomassie called on all Nigeria to be prepared for the 2023 general elections to choose their preferred candidate. He also urge Nigerians never to sell their vote for the betterment of the country.

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