December 16, 2021

Emmanuel Smart tours Nairobi, Dubai with his new book

Emmanuel Smart tours Nairobi, Dubai with his new book

The Stralution Company held a book hangout in Nairobi, Kenya and Dubai, United Arab Emirates for Emmanuel Smart’s latest book; Make What Customers Want. The book focuses on products concept, design, marketing and sales.

According to Emmanuel Smart, the goal of the book is save entrepreneurs and businesses the pain of investing time, money and effort in a bad product. The book helps entrepreneurs and businesses understand the science and art of creating successful products.

The event in Kenya had participants from across Nairobi. Participants had light refreshment while learning about how to create the next best selling product. Participants were mostly entrepreneurs and c-suite executives in Nairobi while the event in Dubai held in two locations.

After a successful learning time at Xclusive Maples Hotel, participants were treated to a boat cruise where they asked Emmanuel Smart questions, enjoyed good food and got their books signed by Emmanuel Smart. Emmanuel Smart told the story of how he led his team at Fastizers to design and launch Nibit Mini Snacks which became the fastest selling cookie brand in West Africa.

The book which was published by Worital Publishing, has sold over ten thousand hard copies is set to launch online first quarter 2022. Make What Customers Want is Emmanuel Smart’s fourth book.

The book’s forward was written by Africa’s leading thought leader and global impact investor, Olakunle Soriyan. Emmanuel also authored A Sales Man’s Story, Letters to my daughter and Efeturi. When asked if there will be more book tours, a representative of Stralution stated that new countries and dates will be announced soon.