Chinyere Henrietta Nwankwo is a Nigerian trained nurse and midwife whom after many years of singing in church choir, decided to give her singing talent a shot in the studio.

Popularly known on the microphone as ‘The Throne Room Voice’, discovered her talent in music after she became Born Again in 1995 but God had other plans for her before her music can reach the world.

Nwankwo presently lives and works as a trained health educator in Minnesota, USA where she also got the opportunity to produce her first gospel single ‘Take all the glory’.

Speaking about making a song that would touch heaven, the nurse turned gospel singer explained the inspiration behind ‘Take all the glory’.
“My new song “Take all the glory” was inspired by several scriptures including Psalm 8. V 4, Romans 8 v 35 – 37 and Hebrews 12v 3. I was studying the psalm and wondered why God bothered about man despite our disobedience, frailties and wickedness but realized that His love for man is so unfathomable. Christ loved man so much and suffered so much for it and as such, He deserves all the glory. His desire that we be reconciled to God cost Him His precious life. We owe Him so much praise, worship and honor.”

Like many gospel music artistes, she discovered her talent in music from childhood, singing in the Anglican Church Choir from her childhood and in choral groups in high school.

“I discovered my music writing and music composition talent after I became born again in 1995. I discovered that while studying the bible in my quiet time. Sometimes I get inspired during preaching where salient points or concepts that are quite striking comes to me. It could be things that are relatable that will generate a song in me. I will quickly write it down or record it before I lose the train of thought or the melody. I can now later revisit the song to fine tune it.

“I am particularly thrilled about this project because it seemed like a never realizable dream that has spanned over a two decade period. But God at His time made it a reality. I believe God has given me a gift to bless the world and I have lots of songs yet to be released to the public,” she said.

Though she loves all genres of music in general, she has an exception when it comes to Rock and Roll and Heavy metal music.

On the note that secular musicians are often considered to be more wealthy and influential than gospel singers, Nwankwo says that is relate and that nothing can make her switch to secular because it will be an act of backsliding as a devoted Christian and convicted Born Again.

“I do not envisage switching to secular music because it has no allure for me. I cannot return to my vomit. A convicted, born again and sanctified gospel singer cannot return to secular music except he/she is backslidden.”

So far, Chinyere Henrietta Nwankwo have written many songs and choruses which are sung by her church choir and in church services. She said that she is particularly thrilled about this project because it seemed like a never realizable dream that has spanned over two decades.

Nwankwo hails from Umungwa Obowo in Imo State of Nigeria. When she is not in the hospital working as a nurse or reading the Bible, she also love to admire nature and the handwork creations of God.

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