December 17, 2021

Bitcoin surged up to 16% and HUH Token on the verge of price explosion!

Bitcoin surged up to 16% and HUH Token on the verge of price explosion!

After the latest market dip, it seems that the ever-popular Bitcoin surged once again, by up to 16%, and with it reinvigorated investors to the bullish qualities the cryptocurrency market can offer.

HUH Token won CoinGeckos investment poll which is set to give HUH Token a major price explosion… given that HUH Token won the poll amidst some other great cryptocurrencies like Facebook Metaverse and Baby Doge it’s no wonder that people are flocking to HUH Token.

In the words of CoinGecko ‘make sure to join their project’, it seems that HUH Tokens forward thinking, humanitarian stance and unparalleled blockchain technology could see HUH Token vastly becoming the altcoin to watch on the cryptocurrency market.

Though, what could Bitcoin and HUH Token have instore for you over the coming years?

A Bitcoin Rise

Supposedly, after the US federal reserve cut back on stimulus checks the prices of Bitcoin surged, and it wasn’t only Bitcoin either, Avalanche, Solana, Ethereum and Binance also saw percentage increases around 10-16% which saw the world’s total market cap see at least a 3% rise.

The stimulus checks were cut back due to a rise in inflation this week which saw many investors turning to crypto amongst these uncertain times, with the potential understanding that Bitcoin, as well as other digital assets might be able to cushion some debasement of the greenback.

Though, the increased percentage of Bitcoin and altcoins could see the likes of India being in talks about ways to harness cryptocurrencies efficiently for their country. Something that it appears, many crypto experts would agree upon.

Given the recent haywire experience of, it’s no wonder that people are edging towards a more regulated form of cryptocurrency, though, it appears that with the greater acceptance of digital currencies people are wanting to greater protect their assets against an otherwise volatile market.

Though, it appears that cryptocurrency might have already seen a bright future in the world of digital and future finance systems.

A Price Explosion, HUH?

HUH Token, as mentioned above, won the $300k investment from the CoinGecko poll and with-it further potential for growth in the token’s early stages.

This could potentially see HUH Token grow exponentially within the next 24hrs (when CoinGecko announced they would drop the investment), this could see a great experience for HUH Token holders that have already been a part of a burn of $1million worth of HUH token and are set to see another burn next Monday (20th) of $3million worth of HUH Token… further hiking up the value of HUH Token for its holders.

 Now, given the recent incline of the market and bullish season it has experienced so far, you might be looking to get involved with cryptocurrency. HUH Token have smart contract referral system that is as follows: the holder receives a code, that when used by anybody, will give the holder a 10% BNB bonus because of the referred parties first deposit and the referred party will receive a 10% sales fee reduction. The code can be used by as many new people as you like.

HUH Token have amassed near-on 12,000 holders as well as a staggering market cap of over $175million and appears to be gaining the favour of many crypto lovers around the world (amidst its winning poll), and you could be a part of that during all of this excitement.

You can find all cryptocurrencies, including HUH Token and Bitcoin, on sites like,, PancakeSwap, BitForex, and more!

Of course, it’s always key to do your own research before buying cryptocurrency, this can either be done through the links at the bottom of the page or by Googling the currencies you like the sound of.

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