December 14, 2021

Bigshake1 recounts how he plans to take Afrobeat to a wider audience

“I have always loved music from a young age, and coming from a family that loves and listens to all sorts of diverse music. I remember my late father who loved James brown, my mother was more of the 70s and 80s vibes, with some country music, and then my older ones who loved, old school rap, soul, RnB among others.

I would describe myself as eclectic when it comes to music because I listen to a broad and diverse range of musical genres like classical, 70s, 80s, soul, hip-hop, rock, Rnb and even all sorts of music foreign languages, like middle eastern, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese, South African and more.

I started writing music when I was younger and made a few songs with friends to see what I was capable of in regards to storytelling whilst rhyming with words, but decided not to pushing this any further because I had other plans for my life as an artist.

I was intrigued about how the music industry worked and wanted to get first-hand knowledge and insight to how music is created, monetized, and consumed; music publishing; licensing; copyright law; and royalties. In other to understand this field I knew I had to start from the basics to understand the history behind music, theories and how the music as a whole evolved into what it is today.” Bigshake shares as he talks through his journey into the music industry.

Sheikh Waziri popularly known as Bigshake is an eclectic personality who has a variety of interests and tastes in music. He started Shakeone Records in 2017 as a record label and music publishing company to birth his course of projecting and promoting Afrobeats globally.  His passion for music knows no bounds and this is evident in how he relentlessly drives his passion to spread good music and promote the Afrobeats culture.

Recounting his challenges in the industry he stated that, “One of the biggest challenges I faced so far, is understanding the business of the music industry and knowing the roles and responsibilities of key players that bring great value to the business models.

I needed to dissect the music industry as a whole and gain knowledge and understanding of the various parts of the business and decided to self-study how the modern day music record label operates. I always say in other for you to become a general you must first be a soldier and understand what every thing from the ground up, so you don’t leave a gap that may catch you when you least expect it in the future. Other areas I looked at for further knowledge was how music is monetized on various platforms and how to implement this.”