By Bunmi Sofola

Women have been the butt of most jokes when it comes to love-making.  ‘Yet, a lot of the success of meaningful sex is put on the men’s shoulder.  Instead of talking about their short-comings, most men laugh nervously about them while the self-centred, “well-endowed”, brag about their prowess. 

A reader, Emeka, 36, and a banker, confessed that, “I was aware I had a little organ – from a young age.  When it’s resting, it’s like the tip of my little finger.  When I was in school, I used to be awfully embarrassed when my mates jeered at me for having what they termed, ‘pea-nut’ penis. 

This affected my confidence so much that I didn’t go near a woman until I was well over 20!”  As I continued reading his letter, I decided to share it with you readers.  A lot of flat-chested women accused of having ‘bee stings’ for boobs would be glad they’re not alone.

“I will forever be grateful for the woman who took over my initiation into the proper adult world”.  He continued: “She was much older than me and when it was inevitable we would have sex, I told her I was a virgin and that I wasn’t well endowed. 

She warned that I had to build up my self confidence.  Small was all I had and small was what I should make the most of.  She taught me to use a lot of fore-play and that the tongue could be as important as the real thing when it comes to real love-making. 

That full penetration isn’t the only way to bring about orgasm and that I should learn to move the emphasis away from just penetration during sex.  Thanks to that angel; I now realize I’m quite happy to have a ‘cute’ one than one that scares and hurts women.”

“What’s average any-way?”  That’s what Kola, a chef in a posh restaurant, wants to know.  “I’ve had my share of women who have been pleased.  A hotel guest confessed I was so big she was afraid it wouldn’t fit.  And there’d been women who’d laughed at my size. 

I read in a man’s magazine that Mr. Average is around seven inches.  Well, I am about six inches, so I must be average.  When I was in school, all we talked about was our bits and showing them off. 

I would sneak, peeks at other boys to see if I measured up…   I was really amazed by some of the huge dangling things some of my mates had when we showered after sports and felt a bit sad that mine was unremarkable.  But I’m a secured person and penis envy is never my scene.  Right now, my bits rule my life. 

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I worship it although I wouldn’t go as far as to make it the centre of my life.  It is my passport to heaven and is always getting me into trouble.

“I recently had sex with a cute waitress in one of the vacant rooms.  A few hours later, I went into one of the rooms to check if everything was alright and one of the new housekeepers was there. 

We’d had a shag once in a while.  One thing led to the other and she agreed to get down on me.  The first girl came looking for me and more or less caught us at it.  There was a big screaming fight and it nearly cost me my job, but for the fact that I’m one of the best the hotel has.  I’m happily married – whatever you make of the. 

All in all, the size of our bits shouldn’t have any bearing  on your relationships.  A woman who demands that her man be huge is probably insecure herself.  A well-balanced, sexually aware women knows that a man’s bits is only part of his repertoire – it’s not what you’ve got, but what you do with it.”

Emperor used to be embarrassed by how well-endowed he was.  “I had a best friend when I was in secondary school and he never stopped looking wide-eyes at my bits whenever we undressed,” he said.  “I felt a bit uncomfortable with it in spite of my mate’s admiration. 

I was a good sportsman and it was a bit embarrassing exposing my worldly bits in my lycre shots.  As a teen, I was very tall and skinny; which made me look even more  odd.  Now that I have broadened out and put on weight, it doesn’t seem out of place anymore.  We all need something to feel special about, and mine happens to be down my trousers.

“I’m not all that extroverted, and having something more than average hasn’t really improved my life.  It’s good when a woman says I made her feel great, but sex can have its anxieties. 

Although no one has really admitted it, I’m sure women expect you to be better between the sheets if your bits are bigger than most and no man welcomes that pressure to perform.  The advantage is that most women seem fascinated by my bits and couldn’t get enough touching them, so I just lie back and enjoy myself. 

Seriously though, what relevance does a big size have in a relationship?  Mine hasn’t helped me pull all the time, I don’t actually think many people realize this.  When I’m with my friends; we talk about work, girls and football, not the size of our bits. 

Anyway having a big one might give you a memorable one-night stand but size isn’t the be all and end-all; it isn’t going to make a relationship work.  I believe women generally find a man’s bits quite ugly and mine being big as well as ugly, has provoked a few sniggers. 

I once had a fling with a much older woman whose face literally lit up when she saw it!  And there’d been times when the sight of it has put a lot of girls off because they didn’t wait to stretch their mouth.  Well, you win some and lose some”.

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