December 5, 2021

All I want from Dowen College is truth ― Sylvester Oromoni

Death of 12-Year-Old: Dowen College shut

Victor Ogunyinka

Father of late 12-year-old student Dowen College student, Sylvester Oromoni Jnr., has stated that all he wants from the school over the circumstantial death of his son is the truth.

This is just as the father explained that though the school may be credible in education, it has proven to be careless in the handling of the welfare of the children.

He queried that how a school of such reputation with huge tuition fees pay less concern to the welfare of the students?

According to the senior Sylvester Oromoni, “We couldn’t get CCTV footage of what happened to my late son; nobody could say exactly what happened among the school authorities.

“What happened to my son has nothing to do with football. He mentioned names of three senior students that tortured him.

“His mouth was swollen, he complained about severe pains in his stomach, back, head, all parts of his body.

“He said a substance was forced down his throat. But nobody knows exactly what it was. Before his eventual death, is lips were swollen and peeled.

“The scan result showed that his liver was swollen. I arranged to bring him to the teaching hospital at Asaba; I had alerted two doctors and they had prepared the emergency ward for him.

“He was supposed to be in Delta Tuesday, but he died Monday,” Mr Sylvester told BBC Pidgin.

Speaking about actions already taken after the development, the senior Sylvester commended the first reactive initiative of the Lagos State government to shut the school, saying it is a welcome development.

“I have seen over the social media, the reactions and the call for justice. I am sure other parents will speak out soon. I didn’t pay millions to have my son killed.

“All I need is the truth from the school management.

“Let them produce the students in question for interrogation and let justice be served,” he said.

The Oromoni family marked a posthumous birthday for their deceased son 4th of December.

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