December 16, 2021

ACPN partner Wellahealth to improve patient care

By Gabriel Olawale

The Association of Community Pharmacists of Nigeria, ACPN, has partnered Wellahealth Technologies to improve patient care in the country.

Speaking during the partnership ceremony in Lagos, the National Chairman of ACPN, Pharm. Adewale Oladigbolu said that as an organisation with over 6,000 members spread across Nigeria, it is pertinent to continually strive for better ways to serve its customers.

“Community Pharmacists are known to offer first level healthcare service and fulfilled prescription. In doing this, we serve as gate keepers to people’s health by ensuring access to appropriate drugs. On the other hand, Wellahealth is a technology company that has been advancing healthcare throughout Africa. It is on this note that we are partnering with them for the good of the general public.

“We are looking forward to a robust engagement so that many of National Health Insurance Scheme prescriptions will be channeled towards community pharmacists which is in line with global best practices. This is what Wellahealth will be pioneering in Nigeria and we are happy to be part of that scheme.”

Oladigbolu however admonished Wellahealth to engage many more HMOs, clinics and hospitals to subscribe to the initiative so that community pharmacists will continue to do what is good for Nigerians.

“A prescription without the input of a pharmacist is a poison. That is what we are working towards preventing and God will give us the grace to achieve it.”

On his part, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Wellahealth Technologies, Dr. Ikpeme Neto said that the partnership was as a result of the fact that the future of healthcare in Nigeria belongs to Community Pharmacists.

“This partnership gives us access to the large network of Community Pharmacists whereby we can provide technology support to be able to improve people’s access to pharmacists. Through our platform, people can get nearby pharmacists easily, find medicine easily, predict the price and availability.

“The core part of this partnership is that pharmacists are now under one umbrella and it will help us fulfill medications for insurance. An insurer that has a patient in Kogi State for instance with diabetes, instead of running around the state looking for drugs to buy, once they provide us with the details, we will give them options of the nearest location to get it.

Neto said that they are committed to providing technology and services to improve affordability and accessibility and quality of healthcare, “in doing that, we work with alternative care providers especially community pharmacists to provide the general public with access to consultation, medication, and beyond.

“One of the tools we use is micro insurance, we have micro insurance plans that cover basic illnesses people face on day to day basis such as malaria, cough, cold and stomach upset among others and we use community pharmacists to manage those illnesses combined with telemedicine.”