Joy Adesanya, the founder of the customer centric Braiding Vault Ltd (TBV), a niche salon created to provide protective hair styling, hair and scalp treatments for Afro-Caribbean hair, has opened up on why her brand is launching a proudly Nigerian hair care product.

The London South Bank University graduate of Media and Marketing, noted that paying attention to client’s hair care needs and delayed shipments of products inspired her to create a made in Nigeria hair care product.

“After opening the first TBV salon in March 2020, I started paying close attention to client’s hair care needs and the products we were using. Through research and development, I realised the products used didn’t carry the same narrative as the vision we celebrated. We celebrated the art of braiding through our skilled techniques and African heritage, but we weren’t doing so 100% through our hair products. Nigeria has vast potential to produce and manufacture products just like China but due to manpower and governance we tend to outsource.

“During the pandemic, we were at the mercy of delayed shipments and extortive shipping cost. I felt there must be a better, more sustainable way to ensuring products can be produced locally and delivered with the same international quality. Nigeria has and will always be a nation of hope. I want that message of hope to be carried to the world, Africa to the world, our greatness to the world. I relocated to Lagos, 9 years ago without my family, friends, or a faintest idea if I was going to thrive or run. The resilience built over the years taught me to paint a different narrative of the Nigeria I grew up watching on TV in the UK. Therefore, it is paramount that Nigerians in the diaspora, in Nigeria and in prominent positions see that if this can be achieved for someone with no background or ties to this nation aside extended family then it can be achieved on a larger scale for the nation”.
Asked about the components involved in the hair care products, Adesanya said: “The Vault, 8 product growth kit consists of, Leave in Hair Conditioner, Edge Control, Hair Mist, Hair Oil, Scalp Scrub, Bon bonnet, Sock Bonnet and Silk Pillowcase. All these products were formulated, manufactured, and packaged in Nigeria. For the bonnets and pillowcases, we sourced the fabric in Lagos and employed a fantastic tailor house to deliver. So, all our products are proudly made in Nigeria, and that’s a narrative we want to promote”.

On what inspired her to start her business, Adesanya, a member of the Association of Accredited Small business Consultants (AASBC) revealed that her businesses were birthed during her prayer time with God.
“Both businesses were visions given during my prayer time with God. I know it sounds cliché to say this in Nigeria and as Nigerian but that is the truth, and I can’t take away from that. For Sshhh Lingerie, I got the blueprint in August 2015 and for The Braiding Vault, it was January 2020. Building on that vision, I knew that the brands had to carry a certain level of customer service experience that will retain and satisfy clients. My influence truly is faith driven and the appliance of work in terms of research, development, and engagement. This has built the presence of my businesses to the stages they are now”.

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