November 6, 2021

Why the biggest music brands are partnering with Wahala Room – Samuel Ogunkoya

Why the biggest music brands are partnering with Wahala Room – Samuel Ogunkoya

The biggest influencers and music festivals are partnering with Wahala Room for reasons that cannot be overemphasized. It is not just enough to own a brand or a label, there is so much more that is needed to make it get global attention.

The first thing that one need to understand about the market is the fact that Africa has a population of 1 billion people and more than 50 countries. It’s not like America where there are only two major music markets so it’s easy for American artistes to dominate those markets completely. In Africa everything is fragmented and different countries follow different genres of music as well as their own local stars.

This makes marketing extremely difficult unless you have a very strong strategy. Wahala Room has worked with a lot of Afrobeats artistes and know what works. They are known to create strategies that help brands achieve success in Africa as well as surpass the American market.

African music at the moment has gained much more global recognition and has become a landmark in the global entertainment industry, thanks to Afrobeats, as well as stars like Davido, Afro B, Wizkid and others who are making moves outside Africa.

As a result, companies that want to take advantage of the growing African market will definitely look towards these African music brands. That’s one of the ways Wahala Room comes into play. They also offer music marketing services in other genres like Hip- hop, R&B and others.

Wahala Room has partnered with some of the biggest music festivals like One Africa Music Festival, Lost in Riddim and many others.

Wahala Room is proud of those brands and the relationships built with them over the years.

According to the founder, Samuel Ogunkoya: “I remember vividly a couple of years ago throwing concerts or events in the United States with African headliners. We weren’t really breaking a certain number of attendance. The story is different today, now the genre has grown so big, thanks to efforts from all the curators in the space.

“After the back to back success with the One African music festival which took place in London, Dubai and New York, We partnered with the “Viewtopia Music Festival”. Viewtopia was a hip-hop music festival and we were able to bring onboard acts like Dababy, Chris Brown, Cardi B, Migos and many more superstar hip-hop artistes.

We have worked with Grammy award-winning producers like Brain Soko, Artist’s like Minz, Justine and Skye. Samkul has also been with the agency before they even crossed the 1k followers. Now they have generated over millions of YouTube views, and more importantly they have now built up a suitable fan base in which will carry them to the next step they desire to attain”.

When you are in dire need of a result oriented digital marketing company, you can count on Wahala Room. They run a series of digital music marketing strategies that helps with everything from social media presence, YouTube views and even more.

Wahala Room is basically the one-stop shop when it comes to social media marketing and all things related. You can check them on their website or follow them on Instagram-@WahalaRoom