November 29, 2021

Training, retraining of teachers key to national growth — Ayade

By Emma Una, CALABAR

SENATOR Ben Ayade, the Cross River State governor on Monday asserted that effective teaching at the basic education level is  critical  to the development of Nigeria and this can only be achieved through effective training of teachers.

Speaking at the occasion of the flag- off of the 2019 School Based Management Committee — School Improvement Programme in Calabar — Govermor Ayade stated that morals in the present generation have been eroded and  the Universal Basic Education system has a key role to play in re- engendering the right mindset in youths and upcoming generation though quality teaching.

“I am trying to shift the focus on infrastructure in our schools to the quality of teaching which is key inmour society.

“Our focus is that a child who goes through our tutelage should a have new character and morality that is the reason we have built a Cross River Continuous Training Institute and we have invested massively in infrastructure.

“We have a demonstration school to there to  pick the best across the whole state and we are putting an eye on those children and preparing a place for them in future

“We also have the British- Canadian school which caters for the Universal Basic Education requirements to bring up children so that when they get to the university they can focus on medicine, law and engineering to construct a new future for Nigeria”

He said the future of the country can only be secured if the quality of teaching is improved because at the rate the country is going where emphasis is on contracts and  award of contracts, the society cannot be better.

“If a child gets all the science, all the knowledge without the right morality, that same child will be a corrupt person waiting to be a politician to get into office and you will be  surprised what he will do. f we feel that is wrong, this is the time to correct it by inculcating not just knowledge but the right morals in our children

“You just need to get to the University and see what is happening; students no longer study or attend lectures but look for money to sort.

“I heard of a case where someone had gone through the college of education and when he went back  there to take his certificates,  he could not spell ‘original collected by me’ and that is somebody who will end up  going to teach children in  a school”.

Dr Hamid Bobboyi, the Secretary, Universal Basic Education Commission, said School Based Management Committee -School Improvement Programme is a cycle of delibrate community engagement geared towards establishing result oriented mechanism for quality basic education delivery in the country.

He said the idea is for is a mechanism for increased community participation in education adopted at the 52nd Council of Education Meeting held in 2006.

“The establishment of the programme across the country is with the view to  providing the necessary platform for each school or community and related UBE stakeholders to add value to the governance process in education”

He said 1,147 communities will benefit from the fund in 2019 Programme through the provision special grants of five million naira  for macro projects and two million naira for micro schemes.

Mr Victor Odo, Secretary SUBEB in Cross River State said the scheme has significantly advanced the quality of learning in schools in the state.

He commended the state governor, Senator Ayade for his commitment to education which has brought the state recognition and inclusion in most federal government and international educational projects.

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