I fully understand the sensitivity and complexity woven around this topic but we need to speak up the truth at times. It is high time the Nigerian youth embraced godlier principles than be being manifestly religious.

Though Nigeria is a secular state we are more a religious people. So it is not out of place to call Nigeria a multiple religion state. Whether there is religious harmony and peaceful coexistence among the religion faithful is a more sensitive topic that I am not interested in delving into today. My primary focus and ultimately my niche is to address my audience which is the Nigerian youth.

I am not used to discussing faith and religious creed but my conscience has been pricked to make a claim or an appeal to embrace godlier principles than appearing to be a Christian, Muslim or tradionalist. This is stemming from the vices the youth commit. Ranging from cybercrime, kidnapping, armed robbery, prostitution, blackmailing and other ruinous ways of life that do not dignify a man.

Easy and fast way of making money is now the rave of the moment that the youth, whom are meant to be the custodians of moral and godly principles have now thrown caution to the wind. The once-taught “hard work and resilience” way of building one’s life is almost becoming a thing of the past. It is even more pathetic that such people who are living lives of deceit are found in our places of worship. They are look posh on Fridays and Sundays to the admiration of everyone around them yet their heart is far from God or whomever they profess to worship.

While I fault the religious leaders for teaching and harping more on material prosperity, I would crave the indulgence of my fellow youth that moral integrity will always win. The effrontery of these elements of bad character is an all-time high.

You see an armed robber flaunting his religion. Or how on earth will a kidnapper be said to a big funder of a particular religious’ organization and the leaders there do not know? I have read how ladies who have obtained men’s properties by sheer practice of diabolism sit in the front row of some particular religious gathering and I wonder what would be on God’s mind. I would rather people own up to their criminal escapades and the society knows them other than attribute their success story to God whom they never have a relationship with.

It is even more important that godly virtues are found in the Nigerian youth even if they do not flaunt it. Though we live in a world that wants to know you by what they see, It is far imperative that one is said to be honest, transparent and of integrity than ascribing their religious beliefs to their identity.

The more we all become godly with our characters and dealings with those around us, the more evident it becomes that God lives in us and no one will be swayed by the manipulated optics that is clearly abhorrent to God.

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