I have read with keen interest the report of the End Sars judicial panel that was set up by Governor Babajide Sanwoolu of Lagos state. I would personally commend his courage to do the needful, especially these days that you have flagrant disregard for the rule of law by the public office holders. His singular effort, coupled with his fellow governors across the country is indicative of the conscious attempt and deliberate effort to combat police brutality in Nigeria, although more energies need to be channeled aright to achieve this. I have always argued that Police brutality is a global pandemic and not just endemic to Nigeria. We have seen the international community’s rapt attention to the gruesome murder of George Floyd in the United States. More importantly how the jury has done justice to curb a recurrence of such dastardly act from a system that has failed to clamp down on racial discrimination.

I understand that the judicial panel’s report has generated a whole lot controversy, especially for those with political inclinations. It is however sad that some people have tried to deny the extrajudicial killings that happen daily from the trigger-happy Nigerian Police. While I appreciate differing opinions, I think we all need to be sensitive to the plight of those who have lost their loved ones to the official misconduct of our corrupt police system and then help them seek for the due justice so that it can be said again that the Police is manifestly the friend of the people. In fact, the federal and state governments need to work together with the Nigerian youth for the restoration of the trust that is fast eluding the system.

The Nigerian Spirit never wanes. It never dies. It has always functioned with truthaand the audacity of purpose and this is exactly what is needed to get police brutality in check. I have been opining that the End Sars Judicial report isn’t just about the precious souls that were cut short but the future of the relationship between the government and the people. Already, there is an existential threat to the lives of the people and an equal reaction to the life of the Nigerian Policeman. Precious and innocent lives have been lost on the side of the people and the police and I dare say that this implementation of this report will go a long way in defining the future of the relationship between the Nigerian police and the people. I have been tempted to know whose side the Nigerian police wants to pitch their tent; the government or the people. I have however known that in this democratic dispensation, the people are actually the government. But in this clime, politicians and public office holders have been ascribed so much power and privileges that they now arrogate such against the masses. As they say, power is transient. The earlier the Nigerian Police knows this, the better they are able to clearly understand that power belongs to the people. And come what may, the Nigerian Spirit will prevail.

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