As a proverbial melting pot of different cultures from around the world, it should come to no surprise that more than one-fifth of U.S. residents speak a foreign language at home. Still, despite 67.3 million Americans utilizing tongues other than English at home, the number of language crossover learning and reading materials remains slim, leaving kids speaking one language at home and another in school stuck in an odd, linguistically-tied up limbo. 

Recently, former teacher Lauren Grabois Fischer has helped bridge this gap through children’s books released by her positivity-driven publishing house The Be Books, launching a successful title, Be Who You Were Meant To Be, available in a dual Spanish and English format.

Spanish currently sits poised as the United States’ second most popular language spoken, having more than doubled in its rate of commonality since the 1990s. As such, many children stradling this boundary line in and outside of their homes have a distinct lack of content to share between the multifaceted people in their lives. 

Thus, Grabois Fischer decided to write Be Who You Were Meant To Be in 2015 to promote positive life lessons, with one single volume containing both the English and Spanish versions for easy sharing and cross-cultural learning.

As the very first volume in The Be Books collection, Be Who You Were Meant To Be embodies the social-emotional learning ethos that Grabois Fischer infuses across all her books. Teaching important life concepts like how to believe in yourself, working hard, being proud of yourself, communicating with others, and other vital tools for success, Be Who You Were Meant To Be has touched the lives of many children and families across the country and the world.

With the dual-language concept instilled throughout, Grabois Fischer’s Be Who You Were Meant To Be makes bringing these lessons out of the classroom and into the home easier than ever. Now, Spanish speakers and English speakers alike can enjoy the book’s wise words and beautiful illustrations, proving that language barriers are a simple yet necessary hurdle to get over to keep spreading positivity and love throughout the country and across the world. 

For further information on Grabois Fischer’s The Be Books, visit the publishing house’s website and Instagram for more.

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