She humiliated me with ‘Yahoo Boys’ comparison, says rapist
The suspects.

*I didn’t last beyond 3 minutes, says fellow rapist

By Shina Abubakar, OSOGBO

A rape suspect, Ismaila Raimi, 21, has disclosed that he raped a girl he was asking out when she humiliated him.

According to Ismaila, the lady hurt his ego when she said he (Ismaila) cannot stand with the ‘Yahoo boys’ she was dating, hence he decided to teach her a lesson.

He said the girl has been his friend for over six months during which he has been wooing as well as giving her money.

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“So on the faithful day, I asked my friend, Sangokunle, to escort me to her place.

“I have been telling him about her and how I like her. Before we left, we smoked Indian hemp.

“When we got there, I picked a stick and put it in a bag to use as a gun.

“We entered her room around 7:30p.m., met a guy there and asked him to lie flat on his face.

“We then dragged the girl out and I had sex with her. My friend too took his turn when I was done.

“I later went back to apologise to her and she promised she had forgiven me only to bring policemen to my house and arrest me,” the rapist said.

‘I was done in 3 minutes’

Meanwhile, the suspect’s friend who is also in police custody, Sangokunle Akintola, said he decided to also take his turn because she ripped his friend of his money.

He said he did not last over three minutes when he was copulating with the lady and was not told of what they were going to do at the lady’s house.

“I did not know what we were going to the lady’s house to do, Ismaila just asked me to escort him to her place.

“We got there around 7:30p.m. at Kajola-Ile, Osogbo, met a guy and use a fake gun to harass him away.

“We took the girl to the backyard and had sex with her.

“Ismaila raped her first then. I told him I will also want to have my turn.

“It did not even later three minutes,” he said.

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