A new social payment app which makes it possible to receive PayPal from people by just sharing a link, and getting paid using PayPal or directly from your website emerges. 

Formally launched in Nigeria under the brand name “Virtual PayPal Terminal”, the new system now allows Nigerians to Get tips, receive donations and payments with PayPal by just sharing your profile link to anyone, anywhere. 

According to the founder and head of growth, Vin Obieze
“Sendam enables freelancers, creators, brands, artists, publishers, agencies, and businesses of all sizes to accept payments from their website or get paid by just sharing their profile link”.

According to their ideology, Frank, a Nigerian-born Turkey resident has friends in Nigeria. 

He would like to surprise them with gifts,send money to them using PayPal or donate to their cause. 

This was not possible until a social payment app was invented for Nigerians called Sendam. 

Ada in the U.S has always wanted to buy authentic African fabrics, art etc and discovering the creators on the internet has proven very easy but paying them is an entirely different story. 

There are millions of Vincent and Ada that couldnt easily pay African businesses. 

Thats the opportunity that has just been made available to everyday African businesses. 

Yakubu in Kenya can now sell to the world. 

The possibilities are endless if we do say so ourselves. 

With Sendam.app platform, Vincent can now pay using with PayPal. 

Businesses in Africa can now implement the Sendam API on their website to receive payments from customers abroad using a wide range of Sendam payment solution.  

Partners are able to easily accept payments from PayPal users worldwide using Sendam. 

While reaching out to the team at Sendam, Yakubu iliyasu,who is the CTO at Sendam Digital Technology, said 

“We live in a world where people have the ability to create whatever they want, for whoever they want, wherever and whenever they want. These people are Creators in the new Passion Economy, and their ambition is what motivates us”.

Sendam Digital Technology was founded by Vin Obieze in 2021, Sendam is headquartered in Abuja, Nigeria.


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