A real estate expert, Chukwuebuka Eze has stressed the need for people to have a better understanding of the job than raise doubts about the practice.

Speaking to media in an interview granted recently, Eze allayed fears of the challenges with views that it remains one of the noble profession anybody can do.

“Having been in the line of real estate for years, I can confidently say that it was never a miscalculated move when I decided to delve into “real estate.

“As a top real estate investor . I would like to let you know that the success of this line of business doesn’t lie in the possession of a degree. And I can say this, because although I put one school year on hold, I am thriving in this field. It is more than just in-class learning,” he said.

Eze also mentioned that there is a negative image, attached to real estate, adding that those views are untrue.

“It is either that it could be challenging most times or not. It takes up brainwork, talent, organization, perseverance and a little bit’ savvy’, to become successful in this highly competitive environment. Over the years I have learnt a lot and it has helped me develop new strategies to up my game.

“Talking about questions people ask concerning real estate, i say, Well if I answered that I would be giving out too much business secret but nevertheless important guidelines may be of help.

I have met people who have this misguided notion, that for you to be a real estate investor, you must first possess a large portion of land and huge capital. Real estate investment in itself is the purchase of properties in simpler terms, land or building as an investment to generate income.”

Secondly, you should be able to know the market to succeed and have to keep abreast of current trends, mortgage rates, consumer spending habits, and the unemployment ratio. Having this basic knowledge will allow you to take the right steps and guide you in the future. You have to make a strategic plan; you have made the decision to start, now visualize the big picture.

“For me, Executive Properties Ltd. Is a brand that I set up, with the mindset of improving the housing sector and also creating lasting solutions to the issues facing real estate business in Nigeria. You have to understand the risks involved in real estate and also have basic knowledge of the legal implications.

“For the past few years, I have encountered my own share of risks but have been able to adjust my business to those risks. I stand for quality and premium service and have been able to reflect that in my brand- Executive properties.

“The need to build a network cannot be overemphasized, and it is only possible by operating with integrity and by showing respect to both associates and clients. Ezecutive properties have been able to come this far with this simple guideline.”

Chukwuebuka said, as an investor, there should be no discrimination among colleagues or clients. “For me, every single customer matters and the need to please is number one and so discrimination does not hold a place in my stance,” remarked Eze.

Continuing, he said, “If done right, it could provide long term income and guard your assets against inflation, because as home price rise in the market, the value of your property rises too. There are other list of benefits, but the ability to impact on the community at large is a core reason of why I know real estate investment is here to stay.

Real estate provide much needed housing for families both small and large, increases city tax revenues and also support the nation’s economy. It is a self -feeding cycle, as the more the society flourishes, the more your assets are appreciated.

“Real estate investment is the future and I say this confidently because of how my brand-Ezecutive properties has put into practice its mission statement, which is providing solutions to real estate business in Nigeria.

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