November 9, 2021

Mann Robinson announces launch of his brand-new film studio

Mann Robinson announces launch of his brand-new film studio

Filmmaking is a hard industry to find success in, but with creativity and perseverance, you can open doors. This is why Mann Robinson opened a 20,000 sq ft film studio in the Atlanta BeltLine. He wanted a space to not only make movies, but to make a mark.

Mann started his career as a rapper, and was born with innate creativity. He developed an interest in tech, which opened his eyes to the possibilities that lie in filmmaking. Combined with his writing skills as a musical artist, the transition was only natural. “I chose directing because there’s no age limit to it… With film, you can go on forever. So many stories. Like these pictures on the wall. So many memories that can be turned into a film,” says Mann Robinson.

During his journey as a filmmaker, Mann developed a partnership with Torrei Hart, whom he creates all of his films with. He has written, directed, and produced more than 16 films spanning horror, thriller, and even comedy. Mann was the executive producer for notable titles, such as “Turnt” and “His, Hers, & the Truth.” He is also excited to announce the upcoming anticipated release of his show “On Ten,” starring Vivica Fox, Clifton Powell, and Darius McCrary.

Mann has worked with a variety of well-known celebrities at his Atlanta studio. But, with his sizable space and multi stages, he has also worked with major production companies, such as Nickelodeon, who have shot their media there, as well. This is why Mann says your dreams are within reach. “No matter what, how or why, just do it and don’t stop. Just work hard and nonstop and your dream will be reality,” says Mann Robinson.

Mann’s films are found streaming on BET, Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Roku, and Tubi. He has also turned his focus to book writing to inspire others. A Look Into: Black Independent Filmmaking has already been released. Sebastian (the novel) and Sober as F*ck—The New Drunk are scheduled to release soon.